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NEWS | May 15, 2024

An Army Reserve Soldier marches to a variety of tunes

By Staff Sgt. Manuel Quirós 222nd Broadcast Operations Detachment

When people think of Soldiers, they don’t normally think of a musician in a band. U.S. Army Reserve Sergeant Jonathan Wang is a clarinet player with the 300th Army Band out of Bell, California. The 300th Army Band is Southern California’s only Army Reserve Band consisting of a 40-member company.

As a musician traveling throughout the Southwest, Wang upholds a long-established tradition of entertaining Soldiers and all service members alike. He serves as a musical ambassador for our nation and performs in a wide variety of settings including parades, public concerts, military ceremonies, and educational outreach programs. Whether Wang is performing a ceremonial act or boosting morale through a concert, he can serve his country while creating music.

To qualify for this honor, Wang needed to demonstrate a high level of proficiency and versatility on his instrument and pass auditions, while still maintaining basic war-fighting skills. Regardless of military occupational skill, Wang is required to pass an annual physical fitness test, weapon qualification, and many other training requirements.

Wang will be marching with his unit in this year’s annual Armed Forces Day Parade and Celebration taking place in Torrance, California. The celebration pays tribute to the brave men and women who have served or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Wang and the 300th Army Band will entertain the public with the official Army song, “The Army Goes Rolling On,” and other ceremonial music. They will also play the official song of the United States Space Force, “Semper Supra”. This will be the first time in the parade’s history that the official Space Force song is played.

He has been with the Army band since joining the military in the summer of 2018, and appreciates the recognition he gets from the spectators, “I love being a part of the Armed Forces Day Parade to honor all Armed Forces,” said Wang.

When asked about playing other military branches’ official songs Wang said, “I value all branches of service, and it's an honor to play their branch song. One team, one fight.”

His musical talents in the Army Reserve extend beyond playing the clarinet. As a civilian, he plays the saxophone and the flute as an independent performer.

When asked about his most memorable moment with the Army Reserve Wang said, “In March 2024, I was really grateful to be part of Mr. President George W. Bush Jr.'s joint branch Honor Guard at the Richard Nixon Library and Museum.”

Wang is currently on Active-Duty Operational Support with the 300th Army Band. ADOS is a program that allows Army Reserve Soldiers of all ranks to go on active duty to support units to complete their mission. Wang serves as the operations and human resources noncommissioned officer for his unit. “I have learned a lot from my position as I get to do a little bit of everything from S1-S8 [Administration – Resource Management],” said Wang.

On May 9, 2024, Wang graduated from the Human Resources Specialist course. He will continue to be with the 300th Army Band as an instrumental musician, and now with the newly acquired human resources skills he will be a significant asset to his unit.

During his time with the Army band, Wang spent three years with the 63rd Readiness Division honoring veterans. Reflecting on this experience Sgt. Wang said, “I have always wanted to join the military and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.”

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