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NEWS | April 5, 2023

81st Readiness Division Holds Successful Annual Safety Fair for Reserve Soldiers and Civilians

By Maj. David Gasperson 81st Readiness Division

 The 81st Readiness Division of the U.S. Army Reserve held its annual safety fair April 3, 2023, at its headquarters. Reserve soldiers and civilians from the local area attended the event to educate attendees on various safety-related topics and demonstrate how safety impacts all aspects of Reserve life.

The 81st Readiness Division Command Safety Program sponsored the event, which featured representatives from various command programs, including motorcycle safety awareness, environmental safety, the command chaplain, and the Army Reserve's comprehensive wellness program — Holistic Health and Fitness. The South Carolina Highway Patrol also attended and discussed driving safety with participants.

According to Tameica Turner, the 81st Readiness Division's Safety and Occupational Health Manager, “The safety fair is an important event for our Reserve Soldiers, civilians, and staff members. It provides a valuable opportunity for attendees to learn about different safety-related issues and to take steps toward ensuring their safety and that of the entire Army Reserve.”

Attendees had the chance to learn about a wide range of safety-related issues from experts in these fields. The Holistic Health and Fitness team had attendees test their grip strength, which may indicate the health-related quality of life. The program supports the overall safety of Army Reserve troops by prioritizing mental health and mitigating the effects of fatigue.

In addition, health care providers from the command’s surgeon section were available to take attendees' blood pressure and provide health-related information.

The motorcycle safety awareness representatives emphasized the importance of safety and highlighted measures that can reduce the risk of accidents. They provided information on motorcycle safety courses and protective gear and shared statistics on the dangers of riding without proper safety measures.

The environmental safety representatives shared valuable information about environmental hazards and ways to mitigate them. They also highlighted the importance of taking care of the environment and the impact of small actions on preserving the environment for future generations.