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NEWS | July 15, 2021

Army Reserve Soldiers conduct a diagnostic ACFT ahead of roll out

By Staff Sgt. Erika Whitaker 85th Support Command

Soldiers assigned to the 85th U.S. Army Reserve Support Command and 84th Training Division conducted a diagnostic Army Combat Fitness Test during their battle assembly weekend training, in Arlington Heights, Illinois, July 10-11, 2021.

The ACFT, initially transitioned from the Army Physical Fitness Test in 2019, consists of six events: the three-repetition Maximum Deadlift, Standing Power Throw, Hand-Release Push Ups, Sprint-Drag-Carry, Leg Tuck or Plank, and the Two-Mile Run.

Although diagnostic ACFTs are currently conducted for data collection on test performance results, the test is slated to be fully implemented, replacing the 40-year old APFT in 2022. Master Sgt. Laroy G. Warren, assigned to the 85th USARSC, was the event’s noncommissioned officer-in-charge and discussed differences in the new test to include logistical challenges, specifically to the movement of the 700 lb. equipment. Warren’s team utilizes fork lifts operators to position the equipment to the field. However, he added his perspective on the ACFT’s holistic health and fitness capability to prepare physically and mentally strong Soldiers.

“(The ACFT) allows you to be healthy as far as exercising and is a game changer as far as total body fitness,” said Warren. “You got your cardio. You got your strength training. You got everything encompassed. As far as the old test, it didn’t really measure your endurance and strength.”

The most challenging event for Soldiers on the field was the S-D-C. Although Soldiers were in different lanes to compete in the event, each Soldier cheered as their comrades simultaneously tested their physical strength and endurance across the lanes. Lastly the group moved on to nearby Pioneer Park to complete the overall test with the 2MR. Although the ACFT generated a variety of reviews from Soldiers, their resilience and encouragement was expressed as one team.