Task Force MED 374
Sgt. Juan Carlos Lopez de Atalaya Rubio of the Spanish Contingencies Task Force 431, cleans the teeth of his Military Working Dog named Nacho as Lt. Col. Jose Peralta, a Dentist from the 185th Dental Company observes. While Nacho's teeth are being cleaned, 1st Lt. Kristen Land and Maj. Gabriel Fierro-Fine, an OR Nurse and Anesthesiologist of Task Force 374, insert an I.V to keep Nacho hydrated. Sgt. Juan Carlos Lopez de Atalaya Rubio allowed Soldiers from Task Force MED 374 to train on rendering care to Military Working Dogs. Military Working Dogs like Nacho are a vital component to the overall mission in CENTCOM's area of responsibility as they are used as another means to patrol and locate explosives.