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Holiday Message from Lt. Gen. Jeffrey W. Talley

As more and more Soldiers return from deployments across the globe, there is much to be thankful for this holiday season. Something high on our list – now and always – is the opportunity to lead and serve alongside the dedicated professionals of the Army Reserve. Whether mobilized or engaged at home with family, employment and education, your character and commitment continues to bring value to your communities and the nation. 

As you reflect on your own personal blessings, we ask that you take the time to focus on continuing to build resiliency and strength in all facets of your life; affirm strong relationships, forgive or ask forgiveness, and if needed, find the strength to reach out for assistance from friends, family or professionals. 

In or out of uniform, you have the privilege and distinction of serving and connecting America’s Army to communities across the globe. You bring Army values and leadership wherever you go and in turn you have the support and faith of a grateful nation. 

The holiday season presents an opportunity for all of us to celebrate our friendships and relationships with those we share our lives with, and those who have sacrificed alongside us as we have continually served in support of missions at home and abroad. To the thousands of men and women serving around the world, we wish you a holiday season and New Year filled with love, joy and prosperity.  We are a stronger force because each one of you are a part of the Army Reserve Family. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day.  

Happy Holidays, and Twice the Citizen!

Lieutenant General, US Army
Chief of Army Reserve/Commanding  
General, US Army Reserve Command

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