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Michael Teilmann

Florida Ambassador

Michael Teilman, California Ambassador

Name:  Mike Teilmann    
Hometown:  Panama City
E-mail Address:
Business Position:  Public Affairs Consultant

Civilian Education: BA, Journalism, university in California and UK

Civilian Honors: Multiple Emmy Award nominations; Hollywood Film Advisory Board Award of Merit for Hollywood Christmas Parades and for the TV special "Hollywood Remembers Marilyn", The "Golden Mic(rophone)" Award, etc.  Served as on-camera host for Warner Bros. home release retrospective on popular TV series "F-Troop".

Organizations/Clubs/Philanthropies: Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve; The Press & Union League Club, San Francisco; Hollywood Police Support Association; LAPD Community Police Advisory Board; Reserve Officers Association, Chap 59; American Legion; American Red Cross; Salvation Army; State Guard Association of the United States; Military Order of Constantine the Great.

Military Retirement Rank and Date, Service and Key Positions: Served as a major with the Active Army at HQ 6th US Army, as a LTC on fulltime duty with the CA National Guard and then as a drill time Army Reservist.  Joined the State Guard system in 1996, served on State Active Duty and normal drill time. Retired 2001, as a State-recognized brigadier general.

Name of Spouse and Children:  Spouse:  Linda Carole Teilmann; Adult Children: Gary, Lori, Spencer

Army Reserve Ambassador Michael Teilmann served as Executive Director for the three Bob Hope USO Centers located in the Greater Los Angeles Area for 12 years, retiring in 2012. For more than 30 years Teilmann served as a broadcaster on radio; a public relations executive and as a television producer in Hollywood. His entertainment industry honors include multiple Emmy Award nominations and awards for producing and writing nationally-syndicated television specials, including the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade show, a series of A&E Biographies, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame special for American Movie Classics, and the Welcome Home Desert Storm telecast. As an Army Officer, he served as Chief of Public Affairs for the 27,000 member California Army and Air National Guard, and later as Chief of community affairs and Chief, field liaison branch at Headquarters, Sixth United States Army.  He held other command and staff duties at OASD/Manpower and Reserve Affairs and with Southern California USAR units.