7th Mission Support Command
7th Mission Support Command HeadquartersKaiserslautern, Germany
209th Digital Liaison Detachment Weisbaden, Germany
2500th Digital Liaison DetachmentVicenza, Italy
Medical Support Unit - EuropeKaiserslautern, Germany
7th Intermediate Level Education (ILE) DetachmentGrafenwoehr, Germany
361st Civil Affairs Brigade
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361st Civil Affairs Brigade Headquarters Kaiserslautern, Germany
457th Civil Affairs BattalionGrafenwoehr, Germany
221st Public Affairs DetachmentKaiserslautern, Germany
589th Engineer DetachmentKaiserslautern, Germany
773rd Civil Support TeamKaiserslautern, Germany
406th Personnel CompanyKaisernslautern, Germany
510th Regional Support Group
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510th Regional Support Group HeadquartersKaiserslautern, Germany
446th Movement Control BattalionKaiserslautern, Germany
341st Movement Control TeamGrafenwoehr, Germany
793rd Movement Control TeamKaiserslautern, Germany
1177th Movement Control TeamKaiserslautern, Germany
1172nd Movement Control TeamGrafenwoehr, Germany
603rd Movement Control TeamVincenza, Italy
530th Movement Control TeamGrafenwoehr, Germany
83rd Combined Sustainment Support Battalion Kaiserslautern, Germany
89th Chaplain DetachmentKaiserslautern, Germany
88th Chaplain DetachmentGrafenwoehr, Germany
319th History DetachmentWiesbaden, Germany