Path to Army Reserve Aviation (Aviation Officer- Aviator)

2nd Lt. Teodora Luna, a flight student from the U.S. Army Reserves talks about why she chose to commission and serve as a pilot in U.S. Army Aviation. (U.S. Army video by 2nd Lt. Michael Needham)

Command flight platoons, lead Soldiers, and fly Army aviation assets (helicopters, airplanes). Missions include conducting air assaults, hauling troops, and carrying supplies.

  • College graduate (at least a four-year degree)
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 32
  • Pass necessary flight physical
  • Pass supervised written flight aptitude test
  • Eligible for a Secret security clearance
  • Must be a U.S. citizen



Become an Army Aviation Officer via...

  • 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training
  • 12 Week Officer Candidate School (Fort Benning, GA)


  • ROTC/West Point commissioning source training​


  • Green to Gold

Training after becoming an Army Aviation Officer...

  • Flight School 
  • Basic Officer Leadership Course
  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (S.E.R.E) School

On the job training – Unit Arrival

  • Tactical flight
  • Sling-load operations
  • Air movement and assault
  • Planning and execution
  • National disaster and emergency support
  • Medical evacuation (MEDEVAC)

Interested in becoming an Army Aviation Officer? Download the documents below and send them to: 

Chase W. Chatterton
USARC, Aviation Officer Accessions
Office:  ​910-570-8972
Mobile: 910-929-2060

USAR Aviation Interest Form 2024
USAR Aviation Interest Form


USAR Aviation Applicant Checklist 2024
USAR Aviation Applicant Checklist