Tag: Fort Hood

A future with V Corps: 75th Innovation Command’s AI technology
June 22, 2021

Army Reserve Brigade takes over Fort Hood Mobilization mission
February 3, 2021

California Army Reserve troops take on quarantine mission in Central Texas
January 29, 2021

3-312th Training Support Battalion mobilizes to Fort Hood
January 14, 2021

Army Reserve Soldiers conduct pre-mobilization training
December 17, 2020

Army Reserve unit continues shaping and training Soldiers in midst of COVID-19
July 14, 2020

No gym needed to improve fitness
June 26, 2020

Soldiers returning home after release from quarantine
April 8, 2020

Army Reserve Deployment Support Command conducts systems-focused mission rehearsal exercise
March 4, 2020

U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers case their colors, prepare for deployment
January 27, 2020