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NEWS | June 22, 2021

A future with V Corps: 75th Innovation Command’s AI technology

By Pvt. Devin Klecan V Corps

Three U.S. Army Reserve officers from the 75th Innovation Command stationed at Houston, Texas, arrived at Fort Knox on June 2, 2021, to advise V Corps. Their mission was to identify potential uses for artificial intelligence and machine learning in support of logistics operations during large-scale combat operations exercised during the DEFENDER-Europe 21 command post exercise (CPX).
Although the 75th IC is not actively participating in the CPX, Soldiers from the 75th understand the importance of building a relationship with the V Corps intelligence section to support their current and future missions in Europe.

“Being here with V Corps during DEFENDER-Europe 21 gives us a realistic ground view of what AI use cases are relevant for their operations,” said Maj. Wonny Kim, a 75th IC information operations officer from New York City. “I was one of the primary facilitators to get the 75th to advise V Corps on AI learning, and since innovation is something both V Corps and the 75th want to focus on, we saw this as a great collaboration opportunity.”

The 75th IC plans on establishing a strong connection with the Victory logistics team, as well as identifying data management requirements to ensure AI technology is viable in a combat situation.

Victory Corps is the first unit the 75th IC has worked with in this capacity. Major Geoffrey Williams, a 75th IC military intelligence officer and native of Johnson City, Tennessee, would like to see the 75th continue working with other units in the future.

“This is the first time the 75th has participated in an engagement like this, and I hope it’s not the last,” said Williams. “This may be able to set the model for what we do going forward.”

Maj. Mohammed Rashed, a military intelligence officer from Long Island City, New York, and third member of the 75th IC team, thinks AI technology can provide resources traditional warfighting doesn’t.

“AI is a fairly new concept for tactical units,” said Rashed. “For the Defender 21 exercise, we are looking for the most viable approach to apply it to make it useful for V Corps. By working with them, it is a tremendous opportunity for us, and hopefully, for V Corps as well.”

The Victory leadership has made innovation and interoperability a top priority for the command. Thanks to the collaboration with the 75th IC during DEFENDER-Europe 21, V Corps is on track to reach its modernization goals in support of U.S. and allied partners in the European theater of operations.