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NEWS | Feb. 18, 2022

650th Regional Support Group holds Best Warrior Competition

650th Regional Support Group

Soldiers from the 650th Regional Support Group (RSG) competed in the annual Best Warrior Competition Feb. 3-6, 2022 at the George W. Dunaway U.S. Army Reserve Center.

Every year, Soldiers from across the United States Army, Army Reserve and National Guard compete in the Best Warrior Competition. Soldiers from every echelon compete over the course of a week, evaluating their physical fitness, marksmanship, and soldier tasks. The challenging competition is meant to select the top Soldiers across the Army who demonstrate their commitment to the Army Values.

“I think the Soldiers did really well,” said Master Sgt. Serafin Ramirez, 650th RSG operations Noncommissioned Officer. “I really think diversity is what makes us strong,” said Ramirez, who was one of the organizers of the competition for the brigade.

The Soldiers competed in a variety of challenges to test their physical and mental abilities, including a land navigation course, a 10-mile ruck march through desert terrain, weapons familiarization, and mystery events such as a mock media interview.

“We [Army Reserve] don’t get to practice our profession every day,” said Cpl. Yshnan de Mello, 314th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. “It’s important to practice and keep those skills up because they are perishable skills.”

Cpl. de Mello, who was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and served for two years in the Brazilian Army as a Calvary Scout before immigrating to the United States in 2011, was one of eight competitors in the annual competition.

The winning competitors will travel to Fort Hunter Liggett, California to compete in the 311th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Best Warrior Competition.

This year marks the second time de Mello has competed in the Best Warrior Competition. Competing in 2021 as a specialist, he was the 311th ESC junior enlisted Best Warrior winner.

“I like to do things that not everyone will do,” said de Mello. “They say that only less than 1 percent of people serve in the Army, and even less serve in two different countries so it’s unique.”