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NEWS | March 13, 2019

316th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Soldiers test for the Best Warrior

By Maj. Marvin Baker 316th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)

Each year, nearly two dozen Soldiers from across the 316th Expeditionary Sustainment Command’s 80 units from eight states in the northeastern portion of the U.S. are inspired to take on the annual Best Warrior Competition.

The BWC is a weeklong physical and mental string of events designed to tax each Soldier’s psychological and physical endurance. This year’s competition was held at Camp Dawson, West Virginia Mar. 3-8 during usually frigid temperatures and frequent snowstorms. 

“The weather is the biggest challenge,” said Pfc. Steven Ayres from the 439th Quartermaster Company in Middletown, Connecticut. Ayres decided to join the competition despite the known difficulties because he believes doing the challenge will add an element to his military career that not every Soldier has. 

Each Soldier entered the contest for their own unique reasons. However, they are all motivated to do their best and push themselves to their limits they said. Spc. Madison Glinski from the 698th Quartermaster Company in Nichols, New York, said the physical and mental trails help her tap into her confidence and overcome long-existing fears. 

Regardless of their individual reasons for joining the competition they don’t compete alone. “Throughout the competition, I witnessed the usual drive and motivation, but this year was exceptional,” said Command Sgt. Major William Padgelek, 316th ESC CSM. “When any competitor struggled during the event, the others rallied around with amazing support,” he added.

Some of the events included an Army Physical Training test, rifle range qualification, land navigation and an eight-mile ruck march with a 35-pound pack. The Soldiers also completed an individual written assignment describing the Army Reserve’s Ready Force concept. 

The non-commissioned officers in the 316th ESC coordinate the annual event to develop and train junior Soldiers. “NCOs are charged with all the activities to maintain good order and discipline in the Army,” said Master Sgt. Felipe Pacheco, the ESC’s Master Fitness trainer and lead BWC coordinator. “The training we conduct ensures the health and welfare of the force and ensures the success of the organization, the unit and ultimately the Nation,” he added. 

The 316th ESC winners this year are Sgt. Patrick Hart of the 698th Quartermaster Company, 413th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 301st Regional Support Group; Jean Rios of the 347th Quartermaster Company, 327th Quartermaster Battalion, 475th Quartermaster Group; Pfc. Steven Ayres of the 439th Quartermaster Company, 334th Quartermaster Battalion, 655 Regional Support Group; and Spc. Matthew McAndrew of the 327th Quartermaster Battalion, 475th Quartermaster Group. 

Other competitors included: Pfc. Akin Acar, Spc. Luis Acevedo, Spc. Andres Avalosscharon, Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Bates, Sgt. Vincent Delprete, Sgt. Madison Glinski, Pvt. Ricky Guerrero, Pfc. Gregory Howell, Spc. Mack Tyler, Spc. Grant Mauro, Spc. Matt McAndrew, Pfc. Jeff Schenk, Sgt. Garrett Stevens, Pvt. Nathifa Williams.