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KFOR Soldier reflects on Black History Month: ‘Black history is American history’
February 8, 2021
KFOR Soldier reflects on Black History Month

Different Missions, Same Goal of Soldier Support
February 4, 2021
For Army Chaplains like Fincher, resiliency is a way to strengthen the spirit. Regardless of their individual beliefs, Ch. Fincher supports Soldiers mobilized in COVID-19 relief, by finding commonality of life experiences, revival and persistence.

U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers assist U.S. Navy in logistics support of Ukraine medical supply mission
January 26, 2021
Logistics specialists and soldiers from the Army Reserve’s 393rd Medical Logistics Company sort and repackage medical supplies.

Joint Medical Training on Pre-Hospital Trauma Lifesaving Course
January 25, 2021
“This course re-enforced the skillsets I had as a first responder. I was able to pass along some of my knowledge in the open forum teaching to two officers in my unit that serve as nurses,” said Sgt. Donovan Boatwright, a 68W with the 847th FRST.

FAQs: COVID-19 Vaccine
January 12, 2021

FAQs: COVID-19 impact to the U.S. Army Reserve
December 22, 2020

Making an Impact on Patients In and Out of Uniform
December 21, 2020
Capt. Ruthanne Owens is a 66H, Medical Surgical Nurse, with the 228th Combat Support Hospital currently deployed to Kuwait. Typical for Army Reserve Medical Soldiers, Owens brings both her civilian and military skills to the fight.

Reserve Soldier Attends White House Reception for Frontline Personnel
December 16, 2020
Col. Rachel Kaiser, 62A with the 332nd Med. Bde., poses next to a Christmas tree in the Red Room of the White House, Dec. 13. The Red Room is dedicated to first responders and front line workers in the COVID-19 fight. “Since I'm as E.R. doctor and also mobilized with UAMTF 7454-1 to fight COVID, I felt right at home here,” said Kaiser.

3d Medical Command and General Electric Military Externship Program
November 29, 2020
Starting in 2011, the Army Reserve partnered with General Electric (GE) creating the 68A, General Electric Military Externship Program

Army units innovate, find success with safe training at home stations
October 26, 2020
Army units innovate, find success with safe training at home stations