World War I Legacy Units

The table below is an excerpt of current U.S. Army Reserve command and units with World War I lineage from the U.S. Army Center for Military History World War I project. The entire list featuring active Army and Army National Guard commands and units can be found here.

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World War I UnitsOrganization DateCurrent DesignationWebsite
76th Division25 Aug. 191776th Operational Response Command
77th Division18 Aug. 191777th Sustainment Brigade
78th Division23 Aug. 191778th Training Division
79th Division25 Aug. 191779th Theater Sustainment Command
80th Division27 Aug. 191780th Training Command (TASS)
81st Division25 Aug. 191781st Readiness Division
83rd Division25 Aug. 191783rd U.S. Army Reserve Readiness Training Center
84th Division25 Aug. 191784th Training Command
85th Division25 Aug. 191785th Support Command
86th Division25 Aug. 191786th Training Division
87th Division25 Aug. 191787th Army Reserve Support Command (Inactivated 01 Oct. 2015) 
88th Division25 Aug. 191788th Readiness Division
89th Division13 Aug. 191789th Sustainment Brigade
90th Division25 Aug. 191790th Sustainment Brigade
91st Division26 Aug. 191791st Training Division
95th DivisionSeptember 191895th Training Division
96th Division20 Oct. 191896th Sustainment Brigade
97th Division26 Sept. 191897th Training Brigade (CGSOC/ILE)
98th DivisionOctober 191898th Training Division
99th DivisionOctober 191899th Readiness Division
100th DivisionOctober 1918100th Training Division (LD)