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NEWS | Feb. 23, 2024

364th ESC and 34th DSB complete CTE and MOB – ready to deploy in support of 1st TSC

1st Theater Sustainment Command

In preparation for their upcoming deployments to the Middle East, subject matter experts and trainers from the 1st Theater Sustainment Command assisted Soldiers from the Army Reserve’s 364th Expeditionary Sustainment Command and the 34th Division Sustainment Brigade, Illinois National Guard, successfully complete their 10-day culminating training exercise.

Soldiers from the Marysville, Washington-based 364th participated in a month-long train-up, culminating with the comprehensive evaluation consisting of various simulations, scenario-based injects, and Soldier readiness tasks. All training was guided by First Army’s Observer – Coach/Trainers along with Soldiers and Department of the Army Civilians from the 1st TSC, serving as the ESC’s higher headquarters.

The successful completion of a culminating training event known as the CTE, is a deployment requirement for all units heading downrange. The 34th DSB was simultaneously participating in their CTE with associated mobilization and deployment. This provided the opportunity for Soldiers from each unit to work synchronously on injects together to rehearse and exercise realistic missions they would encounter while operating in theater. Both units will deploy to the U.S. Central Command Area of Responsibility under the 1st TSC as the next rotational ESC and rotational Sustainment Brigade.

“Even though the injects were exercise driven, they demanded respective staff sections and command teams into a decision-making process that compelled collaboration and synchronization of effort,” Col. Eric E. Smith, commander, 34th DSB, said. “The training scenario injects exposed our strengths and weaknesses and provided an opportunity to assess areas for improvement in our processes and procedures as well as talent management.”

By conducting every deployment task at Fort Knox, and leveraging the First Army Division East – OC/Ts, specifically from the 4th Cavalry Multi-Functional Training "Saber" Brigade and other brigade trainers that traveled to Fort Knox, it enabled the participating Soldiers and Civilians in the 1st TSC to move in and out of the training environment while conducting their real-world mission here operating as the Main Command Post for all Army sustainment operations in the USCENTCOM AOR.

Having the entire 364th ESC team at Fort Knox also provided increased opportunities for their Soldiers and command team to observe and participate in real-world battle rhythm events at the 1st TSC’s MCP Fowler Hall headquarters building. With the ability to physically observe 1st TSC meetings and secure video teleconferences in real time, with the current units and commands in theater, the 364th team gained even more familiarity of the MCP’s processes and procedures, current problem sets, the operational environment, and key mission partners they will interact with soon.

Leaders of the 364th ESC and the 34th DSB recognized the cooperation and formation of teams during the exercise.

The scenarios injected into the exercise provided only a glimpse of what responsibilities they should expect within their respective roles. The 34th DSB commander was exceptionally proud of the performance of the Soldiers in the brigade.

“I have absolutely no reservations about their readiness to deploy, nor their ability to excel in their assigned roles,” Smith said.

While the Soldiers from the 4th Cavalry Brigade, Division East – First Army, and their partners from the 157th Infantry Brigade based at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, and the 181st Multifunctional Training Brigade, Division West from Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, led coordination and support for the CTE, the 1st TSC ensured the appropriate subject matter experts and strategic partners participated in the exercise.

The 1st TSC’s strategic partners, including the Defense Logistics Agency, Surface Deployment and Distribution Command and their 595th Transportation Brigade, Logistics Civil Augmentation Program, and the U.S. Central Command Deployment Distribution Operations Center, also provided subject matter experts to support the training.

The 364th ESC’s primary mission, once deployed, will be to provide mission command, combat support, and combat service support in the areas of supply, maintenance, transportation, field services while coordinating the tactical operations of the rotational functional and sustainment brigades. They will serve as the forward operational command post for the 1st TSC and be critical to supporting three named operations in the USCENTCOM AOR, Spartan Shield, Inherent Resolve and Enduring Sentinel.

The 1st TSC is America’s only permanently deployed sustainment command in the Middle East that works alongside host nation allies and regional security partners to provide Army, Joint, and multinational sustainment solutions in the USCENTCOM area of responsibility to deliver predictive and precise joint logistics, human resources, finance, health service support, and contracting capabilities to set and sustain the theater for multi-domain operations in competition or crisis.