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Global Medic tests new field hospital structure
August 30, 2021

Unit transformation requires Javelin Weapon System training
August 30, 2021

Chief of Staff of the Army makes ‘historic’ visit to Fort McCoy
August 26, 2021

Enabling the effects - MRTC Soldiers support Global Medic at Fort McCoy
August 23, 2021

Chief of Army Reserve visits in-person training at Fort McCoy to address leadership
August 19, 2021

Human resources handles human relations at CSTX
August 19, 2021

Modern technology aids medics in preparing for real-world scenarios
August 18, 2021

Supply sergeants enhance skills and unit readiness
August 12, 2021

New Army training addresses emerging drone threat
August 4, 2021

2021 brings back high operations tempo for troop projects at Fort McCoy
July 27, 2021