Students will report on Report Date at 1300 to Building 5518, MFTC Lab, Sever Avenue, Fort Dix, NJ 08640.  Students will report in the Army Physical Fitness Uniform, and will conduct height and weight in accordance with AR 600-9 upon arrival.  Students who do not meet the Army wear and appearance standards will make necessary corrections or provide documentation of an approved exception to policy prior to course in-processing. Soldiers who fail to make such corrections or produce documentation will be recommended for denied enrollment.

If problems arise during your travel, contact the MFTC Course Manager at 609-850-9679 to account for your status.  Failure to contact Course Manager prior to 1700 may be grounds for denied enrollment and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Additional reporting information can be found on the ATRRS SH Screen.

The day of In-processing consists of:

  -   Documents turn-in to the Admin section (refer to all documents listed below) 

  -   Student Computer Account Set-up 

  -   Billeting assignment

  -   Height and Weight IAW AR 600-9

All students are required to provide the following documentation upon arrival:

  1. MFTC Distance Learning Phase 1 certificate or printout from ATRRS with a completion code of “G.”

2. Five copies of order, DD Form 1610, or memorandum from the commander for Soldiers in the local area

3. DA Form 705 (APFT scorecard):  Soldiers will take the APFT at their home station within 90 days of their report date, and score at least 70 points in each event with a minimum overall score of 240. 

4. Appointment Memorandum as the unit primary/alternate Master Fitness Trainer signed by the Commander.

5. Soldiers who are over 40 years of age must provide a copy of their current PHA. Students with a temporary profile will not be permitted in the course.  Students with a permanent profile, that prevents them from executing exercises in FM 7-22, will not be allowed attendance in the course.  Students with a permanent profile, that does not prevent them from executing exercises in FM 7-22, will request a waiver from the U.S. Army Physical Fitness School.  Upon approval, the student can attend the course.

6. Two copies of Security background verification Memorandum (see ATRRS for example).

7. Information Assurance Certificate completed within one year of report date.

8.  Army Reserve Soldiers, to include Active Guard Reservist, will bring a copy of their Personnel Qualification Record (PQR)/2A/2B, current MOS award orders, and all DD 214s.  Army Reserve Soldiers Additional Skill Identifier (ASI), P5 for Enlisted and 6P for Officers, will be processed through the NCOA S1.  The Academy does not have the systems access to process the ASI for Active Duty and National Guard Soldiers.  Active Duty and National Guard Soldiers will receive additional instructions on the submittal process during the course.

Soldiers will have 72 hours to provide required missing documents. Soldiers who fail to provide missing documents within 72 hours of reporting will be recommended for denied enrollment.