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#     Equipment Description                                                                                             REQ                   

1     OCP Uniform complete (see notation 3)                                                                  2SET                

2      Set, Velcro nametag w/US Army (unless sewn on)                                                2EA                 

3      Set, Velcro US Flag                                                                                                2EA             

4      Set, Velcro Rank (unless sewn on)                                                                         2EA                

5      Set, Velcro Unit patch                                                                                              2EA              

6      Cap, Patrol w/nametag                                                                                            1EA                

7       Belt, Rigger, Tan/Coyote                                                                                        1EA               

8       Boots Combat, Tan/Coyote                                                                                     2PR               

9       Socks, Boot (Solid OD or Foliage Green, Brown or Black)                                     4PR               

10      Undershirt (Sand/Tan 499)                                                                                     4EA         

11       Undergarments (neutral or solid colors)                                                                4EA            

12       Brassieres (if applicable)                                                                                       4EA           

13        Light Duty Utility Gloves (AR 670-1 Compliant)  (Black)                                       1EA          

14       APFU Jacket                                                                                                          1EA            

15       APFU Trousers                                                                                                      1EA           

16       APFU T Shirt Long Sleeved                                                                                   2EA        

17       APFU T Shirt Short Sleeved                                                                                   2EA       

18        APFU Trunks w/liner                                                                                              2EA           

19        Socks, Athletic Calf or Crew Length (white or black)(No Logos)                           7EA          

20         Running Shoes                                                                                                     1PR           

21        Black Cap, Synthetic Micro Fleece                                                                         1EA            

22       Towel Brown or Neutral Color                                                                                  2EA            

23       Wash Cloth Brown or Neutral Color                                                                          2EA           

24       Level VI Wet/Cold Weather Jacket and Trousers (See notation 6)                          1PR             

25       Identification Card (CAC)     

26        ASU (jacket/trousers, for male/female) (correct Rank & braid for CPL)                    1EA           

27        ASU Shirt/LS                                                                                                              1EA         

28         ASU Shirt/SS                                                                                                             1EA                  

29         Black Four Hand Tie (male)                                                                                      1EA     

30          Beret, Organizational (w/DUI)                                                                                  1EA                

31          Black Neck Tab (female)                                                                                          1EA 

32          Belt Web w/Brass Tip                                                                                               1EA         

33           Buckle Solid Brass                                                                                                  1EA     

34           Shoes, Black Oxford (see notation 2)                                                                     1PR    

35            Undershirt, White (male)                                                                                        1EA      

36            Socks, Dress Black                                                                                                1PR    

37           Name Plate Black W/ White Lettering                                                                     2EA

38           All authorized awards & accoutrements (IAW with ERB)                                       1EA

39          Civilian attire, casual wear (See NCOA Dix Policy Letter #20)                               2PR

40          Duffle Bag                                                                                                               1EA

41          Bags Barrack                                                                                                           1EA

42          Identification Tags with SM/LG Chain                                                                     1PR

43          Personal Hygiene/Shaving Kit Complete                                                                 1EA

44          Fleece Jacket                                                                                                           1EA

45          1 Qt Canteen plastic                                                                                                 1EA

46          Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH)(Cover & Chin Straps) (See notation 6)               1EA

47           Load Bearing Vest (LBV) or Equivalent (See notation 6)                                        1EA

48           Eye Pro (See notation 6)                                                                                          1EA

49           Assault Pack (See notation 6)                                                                                  1EA


                    Suggested or Optional Items                                               

1         Blank Rewritable CD Media (700MB)                                                                          4EA                               

2         Composition Note books College or Wide  ruled                                                         3EA                              

3         Computer Head Phones                                                                                              1EA                               

4          Protractor, GTA 05-02-012                                                                                         1EA                               

5          Pencil, Mechanical .5mm                                                                                            2EA                               

6          Pens, Black                                                                                                                  2EA                          

7          Zip Lock Bags M/L                                                                                                       1BX                               

8          Eye Glasses (if applicable)                                                                                          2SET                             

9          Wrist Watch                                                                                                                 1EA                               

10        3X5 Note Cards                                                                                                           1PK                               

11         Insect Repellent (highly recommended Apr - Sep)                                                     1EA          

 12         Sun Screen (highly recommended Apr - Sep)                                                           1EA

 13          Sewing Kit Complete                                                                                                 1EA

14        Dress Uniform Measurement Tool & Guide  Book                                                       1EA

15        Locks with two keys, or Combination Locks                                                                3EA

16         Laundry Detergent Liquid, Powder or Pods                                                                1PK

17        1-1/2 Inch Binder with Document Protectors                                                               1SET

18          Pocket Note Pad                                                                                                        1EA

19           Hangers Plastic or Wire                                                                                             10EA

20           Camelback                                                                                                                  1EA

 21           Highlighter Markers (HI-LITER)                                                                                 2EA


  1. Army Service Uniform (ASU) must include 2 x name plates, branch insignia, all authorized ribbons and decorations, 2 x Unit Crests, Special Skill Badges/Combat Badges (if authorized). All items for Infantry personnel are authorized as well as Foreign Badges and Unit Awards. Marksmanship and Driver Badges are also authorized. Soldiers will arrive to BLC with their Dress Uniform properly fitted, clean, pressed and presentable, with all awards, decorations, badges, and nameplates affixed.
  2. Students will bring the Oxford Low Quarter Dress Shoes for inspection purposes. Unit authorized footwear will be worn for graduation if conducted in the ASU.
  3. All students are required to have two complete sets of accoutrements for their OCP uniform; including Velcro unit patches, rank, name tapes and U.S. Army tapes, along with subdued skill and occupation badges (if applicable). The U.S. embroidered-colored insignia flag is the only authorized insignia. The U.S. Army & Name tapes, rank, and special skills badges MAY be sewn on uniforms as an alternative to Velcro insignias. All students are required to have two complete sets of accoutrements for their OCP uniform; including Velcro unit patches, rank and nametapes.
  4. All uniforms and uniform components brought for wear and layout purposes must be clean and serviceable.
  5. Cold Weather clothing will vary by season. Students should consider the current and projected weather reports for JBMDL, New Jersey 08640 when packing additional cold-weather items.
  6. These items are a requirement to conduct Sergeant’s Time Training on the Skill Level One task received IAW the Conduct Individual Training Rubric. Failure to report to BLC with required items can be reason for dismissal.