In-processing Information


In-processing consists of:

  - Blackboard Self Enrollment. (Once you receive the Welcome Letter, you will receive a follow on e-mail containing your Blackboard enrollment instruction with passcode.)
  - You must have your CVR(Microsoft Teams) account activated 
  - For Document Upload, go to your Black Board Course and click the "  " button.  



All students are required to provide the following documentation :

  1. Student in-processing Sheet Complete. (Download Form)
  2. 23 day Orders. (TPU/MDAY)
  3. DD Form 1610. (Active Duty/AGR/MFR/ADOS)
  4. DA Form 4187. (Download Form) (Walk-on)
  5. Military Identification Card.
  6. TR Pre- Execution Checklist. (Download Form)
  7. Proof of SSD1/DLC1 completion.
  8. Cardiovascular Screening Paperwork within the past five years. (Age 40+ Only)
  9. Copy of Physical Profile. (DA Form 3349) (if applicable)
  10. PT Card. (DA Form 705)(Download Sample)
  11. Body Fat Content Worksheet. (DA Form 5500/5501) (if applicable)
(Download Sample for male) (Download Sample for female)
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