In-processing Information


Report between the hours of 0900-2200. Location for in-processing is building 1361 South O. Street, Fort McCoy, WI 54656. The report date for BLC is always scheduled on a Thursday, refer to the date identified in ATTRS E400 for you specific course report date. Students will report in the full Army Physical Fitness Uniform (APFU). Bring all required documents and packing list items. All will conduct height and weight in accordance with AR 600-9 upon arrival, during in-processing.

Late arrivals past 2200 are not authorized without prior approval. Failure to report prior to 2200 may be grounds for denied enrollment and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If you experience travel challenges that may or will prevent arrival past 2200 hours, contact the Staff Duty NCO at (608) 377-3335 immediately.


The day of In-processing consists of:


  - Documents turn-in to the Admin section (refer to all documents listed below)
  - Student Computer Account Set-up
  - Billeting assignment
  - Height and Weight IAW AR 600-9



All students are required to provide the following documentation upon arrival:


  1. Student in-processing Sheet Complete. (Download Form)
  2. Three copies of orders and/or DD Form 1610.
  3. DA Form 4187. (Download Form)
  4. Flight Itinerary. (if applicable)
  5. Military Identification Card / Identification Tags.
  6. TR Pre- Execution Checklist. (Download Form)
  7. Proof of SSD1/DLC1 completion.
  8. Computer access requirements.
    a. Security Clearance Verification memorandum. (Download Template)
    b. IA Cyber Awareness Training Certificate. (More Info)
    c. Acceptable Use Policy. (USAR Form 75-R) (Download Form)
  9. Cardiovascular Screening Paperwork within the past five years. (Age 40+ Only)
  10. Copy of Physical Profile. (DA Form 3349) (if applicable)
  11. PT Card. (DA Form 705)
  12. Body Fat Content Worksheet. (DA Form 5500/5501) (if applicable)
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