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Available 24hrs/ day  7 days/week

SHARP HOTLINE: 1-855-797-9612

SARC POC: Jacqueline Hammer (jacqueline.c.hammer.civ@mail.mil)

List of various SHARP point of contacts below: https://www.safehelpline.org/search.cfm?query=california%20

DoD Safe Helpline: 1- 877-995-5247

https://www.safehelpline.org/search.cfm to find a SHARP POC in a different state. 




Suicide Prevention Program 

 In case of emergency call 911:

* Go to your nearest emergency room       

*Call Military Crisis Hot Line at 1-800-273-8255, Veterans Press "1" 

SPP POC:  Xiao Wei ( xiao.a.wei.civ@mail.mil)

Additional Available Resources: 

 * Military One Source: 1-800-342-9647   

* Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline: 1-800-984-8523



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Office: (650)526-9567
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(650) 450-7322


Provide professional, ethical, accurate, and timely legal support to the Commanders, Directorates, Soldiers,

Family Members, and Civilian Employees of the 63D RD.


•Legal advice, including Contract and Fiscal law matters, for the RD Commander and Directors

•Special Victims Advocate program management across the region

Office: (650) 526-9896


The Surgeon's Office mission is to provide professional medical expertise to all units on health related and medical readiness issues. Provide advice to Commanders of non-medical units concerning MOS and continuing health education training requirements for medical personnel assigned to those units.


- The Surgeon's office can assist with medical/dental readiness to include assistance with group events and working with LHI

- Update MEDPROS Flu injections, and Medical Equipment area to include Medical Allergies and Hearing protection and assist with ordering of Medical alert tags and hearing protection

- Advise on AGR procedures for Medical Readiness through local providers and MTF's

- Review Line of Duties (LOD's) and INCAP claims for Soldiers.

- Assists Soldiers with obtaining a physical profile or changing a physical profile, also assist Soldiers with WTU packets, and Deployment Health Assessment Process

- Provides programs and procedures to insure overall medical readiness of Soldiers in the AOR. Assist Commands to coordinate and schedule fit for duty, mental health evaluations and medical boards

office: (650)526-9656


Provides risk management integration throughout all phases of mission command in support of base operations.


•Facilities inspections, identify hazards, and abatement coordination processing

•Assessment of facility occupational health conditions

•Funding of motorcycle/vehicle training

•Validation of procedures and explosive storage limits for Army Reserve controlled arms rooms

•Certify and manage facility incidental sleep plans

•Review and provide procedural assistance to unit radiation programs

•Provide regional safety-related training

Office: (650)526-9675


Assists 63D RD in completing three primary mission requirements to include (1) Manager's Internal Control Program, and Annual Statement of Assurance; (2) perform audits, reviews, and special projects based on command's annual audit plan; (3) consulting/advisory services to include audit readiness as required under public law, statutory, and policy requirements.


•Manager's Internal Control Program and Annual Statement of Assurance

•Audits, reviews, and special projects including risk assessment matrices

•Consulting and advisory services

Office: (650)526-9209/9677




The mission of the Inspector General is to serve as an extension of the Commanding General's eyes, ears, voice, and conscience. The Inspector General provides assistance, conducts inspections, conducts investigations/inquiries, and teaches and trains in order to enhance mission readiness and improve the effectiveness, efficiency, discipline, and morale of the 63rd Readiness Division and the supported units in our area of responsibility.


Advise the Commanding General on the overall welfare and state of discipline of the Command.  Provide a continuous assessment of the Command's operational and administrative effectiveness.  Determine the discipline, efficiency, economy, morale, training, and readiness of the 63rd RD, HHC, and its subordinate and supported units.  Provide recommendations to the Commander in order to eliminate shortcomings and violations of standards.  Receive, review, and process complaints, requests for assistance, advice, information, or grievances from individuals assigned to the Command and ensure appropriate action is taken.


To present an issue without fear of reprisal is the right of any Soldier, Civilian, or Family member seeking IG assistance.  It is highly encouraged that you afford your chain of command the opportunity to address your issue prior to submission of your Inspector General Action Request.


Provide Inspector General assistance on a regional basis to Soldiers, civilian employees, family members, retirees, and others within the Regional Support Command's area of responsibility.


Click on the link below and please answer provide responses to the questions below while completing the DA Form 1559.


(1) What do you want the Inspector General to do for you?

(2) Do you have any supporting documentation (anything other than what has been provided? Email traffic, text messages, etc.)?

(3) Have you asked any other agency to assist you? If so who? Provide contact information.

(4) Is your chain of command aware of your problem? If so who? Provide contact information. Please state specifically when you brought your issue(s) to your Chain of Command (Military and/or Civilian Supervisor(s))

(5) What is your status? i.e. – AGR, TPU, Retired, DA Civilian, Contractor, Family Member, etc.

Please forward the signed DA 1559 and supporting documents to usarmy.usarc.63-rsc.mbx.IG@mail.mil


Phone numbers:  (650) 562-9207, 9646, 9647, 9278 or 9720.

63rd IG group email:  usarmy.usarc.63-rsc.mbx.IG@mail.mil


63rd Readiness Division

Office of the Inspector General

230 R.T Jones Rd.

Mountain View, CA  94043


Develop, publish, and direct the RD Command History Program.  Provide advice and recommendations to the Commanding General, the command leadership, supported Commands and subordinate units on USARC historical policy, operations, and developments, and execute overall staff responsibility for military history within the region.

Office: (650)526-9612



Provide strong bonds leadership, unit ministry team career management support, crisis chaplain support, chaplain candidate management enabling supported commands to maximize unit ministry team resources and focus on ministry to Soldiers and their families. Also provide direct chaplain support to assigned units.



•Administer Strong Bonds Program

•Provide UMT Life Cycle support

•Perform Crisis Chaplain support

•Implement Chaplain Candidate management

Office: (650)526-9214


Support and enhance Army Reserve Force Program structure through stationing units in appropriate facilities/activities/centers within the 63D RD’s area of operation. Responsible for integration of all supported actions and requirements necessary to execute the United States Army Reserve Component Army Reserve Force Actions.


•Review, coordinate, and validate intermediate and long-range stationing plans for stationing and training units

•Develop policies and objectives for stationing within the 63D RD's regions which lead to enhanced readiness of supported commands

•Process unit feasibility and stationing requests

•Maintain and publish 63d RD troop list for units stationed within area of operations

•Advise supported commanders on all Force Integration actions/matters

Office: (650)526-9825/9471


The Directorate of Human Resources is responsible for personnel life-cycle management functions in support of all Army Reserve commands and units within the geographic area of operations. Coordinates the command's morale and welfare, equal opportunity and human relations programs. Develops and oversees strength management programs and coordinates activities with retention personnel. Develops regional personnel annexes of contingency plans.


- Process TPU promotions and personnel actions

  •     Personnel Actions
  •     Enlisted Promotions Facebook

- Provide Retirement Services.

- Provide Oversight of 116 Armed Forces Reserve Center Mail Centers.

- Yellow Ribbon Program

- Family Programs 

  •     Office: (650)526-9630 or (650)636-3460

    - Casualty Operations and Military Funeral Honors

    - Suicide Prevention or (650)526-9592

    •     Local Resources available through "Fort Family" (1-866-345-8248) (arfp.fortfamily.org)
    •     In case of emergency call 911, go to your nearest emergency room, or call the Vet Crisis Hot Line at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255), Veterans Press "1"

    - Army Substance Abuse Program

    Office: (650)526-9565/ 9817/ 9489


    Provides state of the art facilities to train and work through: BASOPS; MILCON; and Environmental Support Services.


    •Facility Planning Division: MILCON, Real Estate Services, Feasibility Studies, and Engineering

    •Facility Maintenance and Support Division: Work orders, custodial, grounds, and maintenance

    •Environmental Division: Training, compliance, Hazardous Waste, Inspections

    •Business operations and integration Division: Pay Utilities (gas, water, electric, sewer, trash)

    •Energy Office: LED retrofits, PV Arrays, re-balance HVAC systems, conservation, and energy officer training

    Office: (650)526-9805/ 9806


    To provide procedural and regulatory advice and guidance, technical consultation on Physical Security Equipment, material support and resources, 24 hour emergency Intrusion Detection System response, and security program oversight for a Base Operations mission applicable to contract security reviews, information security, personnel security, and the Force Protection sub-disciplines of Antiterrorism and Physical Security, supporting the 63d Readiness Division eight-state region in order to provide a safe and secure work environment for the Soldiers, Civilians, and Contractors who support the Army Reserve mission.


    •Physical Security Responsibilities and Intrusion Detection System Replacement Project

    •Physical Security Compliance Inspection Program Overview

    •Inspections - Common Correctable Deficiencies

    •Antiterrorism Support Products and Services

    (650)526-9212/ 9689


    To provide training support for Operational, Functional, Training, and Support units through management and oversight of local training areas.


    •Coordinate strategic public affairs operation support

    •Manage local training areas and Range Facility Management System-Seagoville

    •Assist in fielding of training aids, devices, simulators, and simulations

    •Individual and collective training

    Office: (650)526-9213


    Provide Logistical Mission and BASEOPS support in an efficient and professional manner in order to ensure the success of the Army Reserve.


    •Manage BASOPS logistical programs

    •Provide equipment readiness and accountability data to subordinate and supported units

    •Ensure that Army and Army Reserve supply and maintenance policies, processes, procedures and business rules are being correctly executed and implemented

    •Provide Hands On Training (HOT) opportunities to sustain maintenance and logistical skills for Army Reserve Soldiers and Military Technicians

    Training Program (Hands on)

    Office: (650)526-9810/ 9809


    Develops and executes financial processes; manages budget execution (Cost Management); develops manpower strategies and manages Table of Distribution Allowance documentation; provides internal and external financial advice, guidance, technical consultation, and fiduciary oversight within the 63d Readiness Division eight-state region in support of the Soldiers, Civilians and Families that support the Army Reserve mission.


    • Finance - Military Pay
    • Management Analysis
    • Budget/Accounting Management ◦Operations and Maintenance Army Reserve/Base Operations Support Management
    • Operations and Maintenance Army Reserve Mission Management
    • Reserve Pay Account Management

    Office: (650)526-9813/ 9221                                   


    Serve as the Regional Network Enterprise Center for the USARC within the 63d RD region by providing secure, innovative, technological solutions in support of U.S. Army Reserve units.


    •Coordinate, collaborate, and cooperate Helpdesk Operations

    •Track, expedite, and recommend connectivity requirements

    •Coordinate, configure, and maintain wireless operations on Blackberry/IPad

    •Plan, procure, distribute, and maintain multi-function devices, printer, and scanner document services

    •Plan, procure, configure, and coordinate distribution with Property for Life Cycle Replacement of Computers

    •Collaborate through innovation of Information Management services

    Office: (650)526-9812/ 9811


    Provide command to Headquarters Company and act as CG's special staff officer who assists and advises CG and HHC in planning, coordination, and operation of functions on command training, finance, personnel administration, and supply for officer and enlisted personnel.


    •Training, equipping, and staffing Soldiers to support 63D RD mission

    •Schedule leadership schools to maintain Soldier professional development levels

    •Schedule and provide oversight for training exercises

    Office: (650)526-9827