97th Training Brigade Class Resources

Phase 1, 2 and 3 of CGSOC/ILE are coordinated through the 97th Training Brigade's subordinate units: 11th Bn/95th Regt (OES), 10th Bn/80th Regt (OES), and 11th Bn/108th Regt (OES).  

For the most up-to-date information, contact your Unit Administrator, your unit Training NCO, or refer to the ATRRS course catalog found here: https://www.atrrs.army.mil/atrrscc/. You must be connected to ARNet to access ATRRS. Once connected, search for course number 701-1-250-ILE-CC. 

A701: USAR - ILE - DIX 



Phase 1 and Phase 3 are conducted in two ways: 

  1.  Two week resident courses at Fort Dix, NJ; Camp Parks, CA; and Fort McCoy, WI. 
  2.  Distance Learning.

Phase 2 is conducted in three ways: 

  1. "8 x 2" 

a. Two days a month for eight months.

b. October to May.

c. Approximately 45 locations are across the United States, including Puerto Rico.  

  1. Hybrid "8 x 2”

a. Meets one day per week for eight months.

b. Includes virtual classroom and individual study.

3. Distance Learning.

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