Fort Sheridan, Illinois

97th Training Brigade Instructor Resources

Why be a CGSOC Instructor?
Learn how to deliver Command and General Staff Officer Course instruction
Prepare and mentor junior field grade officers for higher levels of responsibility in the US Army
Advance your career in a position offering outstanding progression as a LTC or senior MAJ
Attend IDT weekends closer to home
Enjoy flexibility in scheduling Annual Training
Work with the largest collective group of LTCs and senior MAJs in the US Army Reserve

A Master's Degree in any field or discipline
LTC or MAJ with 3+ years time in grade
CGSOC Common Core course graduate
Medically deployable
3+ years until Mandatory Removal Date
Meet fitness and body composition standards

Application Packet: Submit to Area Coordinator for location of interest
Last three OERs
DA Form 2-1 Personnel Qualification Record or Army Record Brief (ARB)
Medical Readiness Status from AKO (screen shot)
Current DA 705 APFT with DA Form 5500-R if necessary
Military Photograph
College Transcript / Master's Degree Required
Military Biography or Career Service Resume
Security Clearance Verification


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