7th ILE About Us

Mission: The 7th Intermediate Level Education Detachment educates United States and international field grade officers assigned or deployed to Army Europe, Army Africa, and Army Central areas of responsibilities in order to build and lead organizations under Mission Command in Unified Land Operations. 

For students that want to attend CGSOC-CC: https://usacac.army.mil/organizations/cace/cgsc/cgss/dde

For students moving CONUS: contact the Department of Distance Education and transfer to a course under the 97th Training Brigade: https://www.usar.army.mil/97thBDEResources/

For students moving to Army Pacific: contact the Department of Distance Education and transfer to a course under the 4960th Multi-Functional Training Brigade.

More unit information:  https://intranet.eur.army.mil/21tsc/7msc/7wtb/SitePages/Home.aspx  

For Officers interested in joining the Detachment and teaching: https://www.milsuite.mil/book/docs/DOC-542214

"ILE is our Army's first real investment of professional education aimed at teaching you about the operational and strategic levels of war and national defense." -- MG Todd B. McCaffrey, 17 May 2019, Grafenwoehr, Germany

“Your watch starts again this afternoon when you leave this post. You’re now stewards of our profession and there’s more expected of you by your Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, and Marines and your leaders. I’m absolutely confident that you’re all ready to meet that challenge."  -- LTG Michael Lundy, 14 June 2019, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas

“We must further develop leaders capable of thriving at the speed of war – leaders who can adapt to change, drive innovation and thrive in uncertain, chaotic conditions. The nature of war has not changed, and, in a violent clash of wills, it is the human dimension that ultimately determines the success of any campaign.”  -- GEN Joe Duford, 30 April 2018, DoDLive

  • Contact Us

    Director of Instruction, 7th ILE Detachment
    LTC Carilynne W. Miller
    DSN:  318-439-4001
    Email: carilynne.w.miller.mil@army.mil

    Staff Administrative Specialist, 7th ILE Detachment
    Mr. Amaniel Kidane
    DSN 314-569-7172
    CIV: 49-9641-70-5697172

    Executive Officer, 7th ILE Detachment
    LTC Benjamin Barrett
    DSN: 314-569-7189
    CIV: +49-9641-70-5697189
    Cell: +49(0)1719969916
    Email: benjamin.a.barrett.mil@army.mil

    Commander, 7th ILE Detachment
    LTC David Gladish
    DSN: 314-626-2933
    CIV: 081-568-2933
    From US: 011-39-081-568-2933
    Cell: +39 335 578 9339
    Email: david.m.gladish.mil@army.mil






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