Tag: lethal

Army Reserve Soldiers hone gunnery skills; increase lethality
January 29, 2018

West Coast military police brigades embrace unity to increase lethality, readiness
January 22, 2018

Ready to fire: Military Police join Cold Steel
December 18, 2017

Fort McCoy's Central Issue Facility supports cold-weather training
December 6, 2017

94th TD continues CONUS Replacement Center mission
December 1, 2017

Citizen-Soldier leads cream of the crop at Cold Steel II
November 27, 2017

Ready, trained, and maintained
November 27, 2017

Task Force Coyote, Operation Cold Steel II: trained, equipped, lethal
November 27, 2017

New major general leading 412th Theater Engineer Command
November 20, 2017

Teams support resilience training at Operation Cold Steel II
November 20, 2017