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Tag: Pacific

U.S. military forces join counterparts from other nations for Exercise Cartwheel 2022 on Fiji
September 13, 2022

311th Signal Command (Theater); 25 Years of Signal-Cyber Excellence in the Indo-Pacific
July 1, 2021

Army Reserve nurses deploy to Northern Mariana Islands to support COVID-19 response
May 19, 2020

Army Reserve partners with local police force in American Samoa
April 30, 2019

First indoor Army Reserve small arms range opens in American Samoa
April 29, 2019

Why We Serve: Army Reserve brothers serving together in American Samoa
April 29, 2019

Why I Serve: Army Reserve Soldier goes the distance to serve
April 29, 2019

9th MSC Army Reserve leaders connect, reflect and motivate at Women's History Month observance
March 28, 2019

Army Reserve marksmanship on target with 9th Mission Support Command
March 28, 2019

Joint Task Group-Saipan begins redeployment of forces
December 6, 2018