Tag: Africa

U.S., Angola conclude inaugural military medical exercise
December 2, 2022

U.S., Angola host bilateral military medical readiness exercise
November 17, 2022

Enduring partnership: U.S. Soldiers create English discussion group in Niger
June 6, 2022

U.S. service members deliver school and medical supplies to village in Niger
June 6, 2022

U.S. military, Djiboutians champion Women, Peace and Security at co-hosted event
May 12, 2022

Civil Affairs Soldiers, Djiboutians work together to treat livestock
April 6, 2022

U.S. donates mobile field hospital to Niger
April 6, 2022

Kenya Native Becomes U.S. Army Reserve Medic
March 15, 2022

U.S. servicewomen forge women’s empowerment in Agadez
March 10, 2022

Djibouti, U.S. strengthen partnership through medical knowledge exchange
February 7, 2022