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Tag: New York

U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers answer call to deliver mail on deployment
January 2, 2020

Army Reserve leader in lockstep with Bronx veterans
November 13, 2019

Army Reserve Medical Command Soldiers provide care in local community
July 25, 2019

Dentists provide no-cost care while operating in field conditions
July 15, 2019

98th honored at War Memorial in New York
February 11, 2019

Army Reserve leader helps build bikes for military children
November 13, 2018

Northeast Medical Area Readiness Support Group welcomes new commander
September 28, 2018

New York City draftee Soldiers made history as the Lost Battalion in October 1918
August 30, 2018

Army Reserve Soldiers partner with NYC first responders
July 18, 2018

Army Reserve Soldier recognizes civilian employer with DoD Patriot Award
March 7, 2018