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NEWS | June 27, 2023

Army Reserve Soldier is engineering his career

By Staff Sgt. Bob Yarbrough 88th Mission Command Support Group

Sgt. 1st Class David Halstead is the Operations Noncommissioned Officer in charge at the U.S. Army Reserve’s 88th Mission Command Support Group, located at Fort Snelling, Minnesota.

While he currently holds an operations position in a unit that has Public Affairs, Chaplain, Military History, and Army Band units, he will forever be an Engineer in his heart.

Halstead has served in the U.S. Army for 26 years, and more than 20 of those years have been with an Engineer related specialty. His time in the Corps of Engineers earned him recognition not only at his unit’s level, but all the way to the top. Halstead was awarded the Bronze Order of the de Fleury award in Oct. 2020.

The Order of the de Fleury Medal is a prestigious award that is awarded by the Army Engineer Association, and is the highest award for professional excellence in the Engineer Regiment. It signifies the history and customs of the Army Engineering community recognizes a Soldier or civilian’s achievements and contributions in the field.

“I felt proud for being nominated for the award,” said Halstead. “It reflected and captured all the great work I was able to accomplish while serving as an Engineer for almost 20 years.”

The medal was named for French Engineer Francois Louis Tesseidre de Fleury, who served with the American Army during the American Revolutionary War. He was recognized for his service by the authors of the Declaration of Independence, and in 1779, they ordered the creation of the Order of the de Fleury.

Halstead has some advice for anyone who is interested in the de Fleury. “Keep track of all the time you spend with Engineering Units,” he said. “Hopefully an Engineer will recognize your contribution and submit you for the award.”

While the Order of the de Fleury is not an official U.S. Army medal to be worn in dress uniforms on all occasions, it is authorized for wear at Corps of Engineers functions.