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NEWS | June 16, 2023

Operation Tin Man: Strengthening unit transportation readiness

By Staff Sgt. Katherine Ramos Muniz 1st Mission Support Command

The 268th Inland Cargo Transportation Company, from the 1st Mission Support Command, undergoes extensive training for an upcoming deployment. Since 9/11, nearly 100 percent of the Army Reserve units in Puerto Rico have mobilized and deployed as a member of the Joint Force.

Recently, the transportation unit completed Operation Tin Man at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, where the Soldiers were responsible for managing equipment at the Central Receiving Shipping Point and moving it to the Gulfport by operating tactical vehicles.

Here at Camp Shelby, the CRSP yard is divided into three areas of operation the storage, holding, and ready line.

"As an 88H, a cargo specialist, my duty was to load and unload 20-foot containers from platforms with the RT240 at the CRSP yard," said Spc. Hector Martinez.

The Kalmar RT240 Rough Terrain Container Handler is one of the many tactical vehicles used in the armed forces to handle standard shipping containers and is considered the backbone of military logistics.

The 88Hs performed single stacks of the containers at the designated ready line. Then the Palletized Load System cargo transfer team unloaded the container to the PLS so the 88Ms could transport it to the final destination, explained Spc. Martinez.

The 88Ms is the military occupational code for motor transport operators, according to Sgt. Jonathan Collazo, performing real-life missions during annual training, enables the Army Reserve Soldiers to train on different aspects of transportation.

The motor transport operators conducted convoy operations, equipment movement, preventive maintenance checks, and inventories.

"The mission was an opportunity for the Soldiers to gain more experience and proficiency in their MOS," said Sgt. Collazo.

The Army Reserve Soldiers fostered a culture of learning among each other, enabling the young Soldiers to build their expertise; consequently, the transportation team could safely move over 400 containers, concluded Sgt. Collazo.

Operation Tin Man enabled the Army Reserve Soldiers to be mission ready as they managed and transported the equipment, ensuring delivery was made on time and in good condition.

The Army Reserve forces in Puerto Rico have become an essential part of the total force, with streamlined, deployable forces and citizen Soldiers who embody the warrior mindset and spirit.