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NEWS | May 20, 2021

1st Lt. Savannah Lee

By (Courtesy article) 3d Medical Command (Deployment Support)

“When I was in China, there was no chance I could serve in the military; I didn’t know the right people, I didn’t come from the right family, I wasn’t the right height, I did not have the right eyesight or look,” said, 1st Lt. Savannah Lee of the 3d Medical Command (Deployment Support).

After coming to the US, Lee was excited to learn that everyone can be in the military. Even though she was an adult, Lee still needed to convince her parents on the military.

“From my experience, Chinese parents can be very protective. My parents did not know a lot about military history in the US and did not know about all the benefits and opportunities from military service, I had to convince my mother it was ok for me to join.”

Beginning with an enlisted active duty stint in the Navy as a Personnel Specialist and later joining the Army Reserve, Lee comes to the 3d MC(DS) G8, following her dream to become a 70C, Health Services Comptroller.

For Lee, since immigrating to the US in 2000, her focus has been about improving her life and her education. First, joining the Navy 2006 and becoming a US Citizen in 2007 and then an Army officer in 2019.

“What I love about this country, is it provides so much,” said Lee. Adding, “Coming from China to here; in China, if you worked hard you couldn’t get anywhere. From my background China, what I grew up with, what I saw and experienced compared to where I am today it is a totally different world. Here, if you work hard you can go somewhere, be someone, do anything, and make a big difference.”

Success and progress isn’t always easy, it takes work life balance. “In addition to the Army Reserve, I currently work for the US Mint in Philadelphia, I’m wrapping up my MBA from LaSalle and I have two amazing boys 12 and 10”, said Lee.

 “There is nothing you can’t do if you put your heart to it. Follow your heart, you can become someone that can make a difference in life”