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NEWS | April 12, 2021

Fort Knox Army Reserve aviation unit awarded Best Antiterrorism Program

By Jenn DeHann Fort Knox

The antiterrorism section of the Army Reserve Aviation Command has been recognized as one of the best in the nation.

“It kind of caught me off guard because you’re submitting against all these brigades and above,” said Master Sgt. John Brown. Brown is the antiterrorism officer at ARAC, and the man behind the recognition.

The unit has been awarded as the winner of Best Large Unit Antiterrorism Program in the Army. Brown was responsible for writing up and submitting the nomination, and said he’s very proud about much more than just the award itself.

“I’ve been here three years,” said Brown. “In that time we went from a non-compliant, inadequate rating unit to best in the Army.”

Brown explained not only is this the first time the unit has received an award like this, it’s the first time the unit has even been eligible by having an adequate rating.

The antiterrorism program focuses on response preparation to various threats, such as hostile attacks from global or domestic terrorists and natural dangers, to include severe weather and wildfires.

Brown said with the unit’s win, he’s already thinking ahead for next year.

“I know the pressure’s on,” said Brown. “It’s like winning the Super Bowl. Now they’re going to be watching, [thinking], ‘Is he going to be able to repeat it?’”