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NEWS | April 8, 2021

USACAPOC(A) Best Warrior Competitors hail from around the U.S.

By Maj. Sean Delpech U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne)

U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers from across the U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne) are gathered to show their Warrior skills and compete in the USACAPOC(A) 2021 Best Warrior Competition, held from April 8 - 11, 2021, at Fort Jackson, S.C.

The Soldiers and non-commissioned officers are competing in events including the Army Combat Fitness Test, weapons qualification, and a command sergeants major appearance board on day one of the Best Warrior.

The second day of the competition will consist of the combat casualty and expert Soldier tasks, confidence course, land navigation, a 100 meter swim event, and other Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills.

The third day will include a M4 qualification, a 12-mile tactical ruck march, a 1000 meter run, and conclude with a luncheon and awards ceremony.

USACAPOC(A) units from throughout the Command sent their top Soldiers and noncommissioned officers to compete at the BWC, but only one Soldier and one non-commissioned officer will go on to represent USACAPOC(A) in the U.S. Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition later in 2021 where they will compete with Soldiers from every major Army Reserve command.

Competitors scheduled to compete for the title of 2021 USACAPOC(A) Best Warrior are:

Staff Sgt. Marco Antonio Campos, from the 410th Civil Affairs Battalion, El Paso, Texas.
Staff Sgt. Riley P. Greenwald, hometown Madison, W.I., from the 432nd Civil Affairs Battalion, Green Bay, Wis.
Staff Sgt. Natalie N. Tedesco, hometown Murrysville, Pa., from the 303rd Psychological Operations Company, headquartered in Coraopolis, Pa.
Staff Sgt. Valery Valtrain, hometown Brooklyn, N.Y., from the 151st Theater Information Operations Group, headquartered in Fort Totten, N.Y.
Staff Sgt. Jonathon P. Chacon, hometown Bassett, Calif., from the 426th Civil Affairs Battalion, headquartered in Upland, Calif.
Sgt. Shayn Lindquist, hometown Clarkston, Mich., from the 412th Civil Affairs Battalion, headquartered in Whitehall, Ohio.
Spc. Daniel P. Bush, Jr., hometown Macomb, Mich., from the 418th Civil Affairs Battalion, headquartered in Belton, Mo.
Spc. Jackson W. Daab, hometown Princeton, N.J., from the 492nd Civil Affairs Battalion, Buckeye, Ariz.
Spc. Jaime S. Delgado, hometown Lima, Ohio, from the 412th Civil Affairs Battalion, headquartered in Whitehall, Ohio.
Spc. Arianna Hammel, hometown of Woodstock, Ga., from the 310th Psychological Operations Company (Airborne), headquartered in Forest Park, Ga.
Spc. Timothy John Lowitzer, hometown Havertown, Pa., from the 1001st Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Training Company, headquartered in Trenton, N.J.

Preparation for a best warrior competition begins months in advance, with most Soldiers sacrificing countless hours of personal time to physical fitness, Warrior Task proficiency training, and weapons training.