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NEWS | Oct. 4, 2019

Army Reserve kicks off Energy Action Month

By Ashley Bradford Army Reserve Staff - Fort Belvoir

The U.S. Army Reserve has kicked off participating in Energy Action Month, an Army-wide awareness campaign designed to educate Soldiers, Civilians and Families about energy resiliency and conservation while enhancing their understanding of Army energy initiatives.

From the electricity that powers facilities to the fuel that powers vehicles, energy touches nearly every aspect of the Army Reserve’s mission. With so many threats to energy security, including natural disasters and innovative adversarial attacks like cyberweapons, the Army Reserve remains focused on readiness.

“Foreign military intelligence hackers continue to wage cyberwarfare by testing their capabilities on many countries,” said Col. Daniel L. Cederman, Director, Army Reserve Installation Management Directorate. “While these documented efforts may seem like faraway problems for another day, evolving technology puts threats within an arm’s reach of Reservists and Civilians. Electricity, fuel and other energy resources are mission essential and it’s only a matter of time before our assets could be targeted.”

Energy resilience enables the Army Reserve to anticipate, recover from and adapt to changing conditions, and to withstand disruptions to supplies. With adversaries becoming savvier and recent devastating natural disasters, the need for increased energy resilience while optimizing energy usage is critical.

“Across the nation, the Army Reserve will be promoting energy conservation and hosting events in their facilities and out in their communities for the entire month of October,” said Christine Ploschke, Branch Chief, Sustainability Programs, Army Reserve Staff. “The goal, regardless if participants are Reservists, Civilians, or Family members, is encouraging people to reduce energy waste. It’s something that everyone can and should do. From changes to daily activities while on the job and at home, we can partner together to make long-lasting impactful decisions that truly make a difference.”  

For tips on energy conservation and to learn more about Army Reserve Sustainability Programs, please visit