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NEWS | June 11, 2019

100th Training Division Command Selected for Fielding of Army Greens

By Capt. Rebecca Shirley 100th Training Division

The command team of the 100th Training Division (Leader Development), Brig. Gen. Aaron Walter and Command Sgt. Maj. Gregory Betty, are part of the 260 senior leaders selected by US Army Senior Leadership for initial fielding of the Army Greens service uniform. 

To ensure the US Army presents a professional appearance, the Army is adopting the iconic Greens uniform as its new service uniform. This is the uniform worn by America’s Greatest Generation as they won World War II. Now, America’s Next Greatest Generation will wear it as they develop into the smart, thoughtful, and innovative leaders of character outlined in the Army Vision.

“Every June 6 is an opportunity to pay tribute to those who fought in WWII for the liberation of Europe,” said Betty. “It is an honor to have been selected for this initial fielding. This uniform has a powerful identification with the Greatest Generation that will inspire today’s Soldiers and enhance esprit de corps.” 

Betty was fitted for his uniform a few months ago and had it quickly tailored. His instructions were to wear it to events and engagements in order to receive feedback. Over this past week, Betty addressed numerous classes being conducted by the 83rd US Army Reserve Readiness Training Center here at Fort Knox. During these engagements, Betty explained to Soldiers the Army Greens uniform will become the everyday service uniform for all Soldiers. This will allow the current Blue Army Service Uniform (ASU) to return to a more formal dress uniform role, and the Army Combat Uniform, also known as the Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP), to be the Army’s combat/field uniform. 

This style of uniform is one of the most admired and recognizable uniforms in the Army’s history and these engagements have demonstrated positive support. In order to sustain an all-volunteer force, the American people must have confidence in the Army’s professionalism and readiness.

“Readiness determines our ability to fight and win our nation’s wars and is the Army’s first priority,” said Betty. “Throughout its history, the 100th Division has stood out in its ability to adapt to changes in military requirements, and the reintroduction of this uniform will build upon this legacy by inspiring trust and confidence in our Soldiers’ professionalism and readiness.” 

100th Division Soldiers have contributed to combat, institutional training, operational support, and leader development. As the Execution Agent for Leader Training in the Army Reserve, the 100th Training Division (LD) provides an education, training, and experience framework to develop leaders to succeed in anticipated operational environments. 

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