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NEWS | April 25, 2019

USARC conducts IPPS-A training

By Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kristina Fugitt U.S. Army Reserve Command

The U.S. Army Reserve Command (USARC) G-1 Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A) Data Correctness Team conducted the resident Electronic Soldier Record Brief/ Records Review Tool (eSRB/RRT) Course at Fort Bragg, North Carolina from April 9-11, 2019.

The training included classes about how to recognize forged and fraudulent documents, records reviews, and system functionality for Reserve component HR systems. The purpose of this training is to improve data input at the field user level and have more accurate Soldier records to prepare for IPPS-A. 

“As the legacy systems start to interface with IPPS-A during scheduled releases, mismatches and discrepancies between the data fields can cause incomplete records. We are trying to mitigate that by training proper data entry,” said Staff Sgt. Bruce Corbett, the lead instructor for the eSRB/RRT course.

The Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) is an online Human Resources (HR) system that will provide integrated personnel, pay and talent management capabilities in a single system to all Army Components.

IPPS-A will deliver visibility over the entire force and maximize the potential of the Army's greatest asset, the Soldier, to enhance Army readiness. IPPS-A will improve access, timeliness and accuracy (auditability) of personnel and pay information for the Total Army – integrating more than 30 current systems; eliminating more than 300 interfaces; ensuring secure, consistent processes and data; and meeting required standards.

According to the Army’s IPPS-A website, the program will be “will be launched incrementally in phases, or “releases,” over the coming years. Each release will build upon the system’s previous release, starting with IPPS-A’s first release. The first release interfaced with 15 personnel systems and built the foundational database of trusted personnel data for all future releases. In addition, this release provided each Soldier access to the Soldier Record Brief, an eventual replacement for the Officer and Enlisted Record Briefs, DA Form 2-1, and nine multi-Component reports for HR Professionals.”

The USARC team is conducting an online eSRB/RRT course once a month via Defense Collaboration Site, and the resident course once per quarter. They are preparing the Army Reserve for IPPS-A one class at a time.

For more information about the U.S. Army Reserve’s role in implementing IPPS-A, visit their website at