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NEWS | March 28, 2019

New Army app provides mobile access to HR, pay records

By Maj. Lee Baklarz Army News Service

The Army has released a new human resources mobile application for the Integrated Personnel and Pay System - Army (IPPS-A) that allows Soldiers to access their personnel records using a mobile phone or tablet. IPPS-A is the Army's next generation human resources and pay system that revolutionizes the way the Army does business and brings the Total Force into the digital age.

"Soldiers expect to be part of a 21st century organization with technology comparable to what they see in their app stores every day," said Col. Gregory Johnson, IPPS-A's Functional Division Chief. "This app allows them to accomplish routine tasks that previously required an in-person trip to a G1/S1 shop." 

The U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Mobile Team completed the screening process and approval of the IPPS-A Mobile App on January 18, 2019. The app was made available to Pennsylvania, Virginia, and D.C. Army National Guard Soldiers in February 2019, and will be released to remaining states and territories according to the 2019 Release 2 fielding timeline. 

The app provides Soldiers with the flexibility to operate on the move and is secured over a commercial network for Soldiers, Commanders, and Human Resources (HR) Professionals. IPPS-A's mobile capabilities provide all Soldiers access to their Army personnel record without requiring a common access card (CAC) for authentication. With the same level of sophistication that secure banking and personal service apps have today, Soldiers can submit help inquiries, request updates to their record, and monitor the status of their personnel actions from the palm of their hand. 

Adding to this ease of use, Commanders and HR professionals can access their elevated roles by using the app's CAC authentication option, allowing them to review and approve transactions without being tied down to their desk or work station. Gone are the days of packing work computers and folders of paperwork into your travel or go-home bag. 

"The Army is leading the way in modernization and changing how we interact with our Soldiers," stated Lt. Col. Amara, who is responsible for the development, fielding and sustainment of IPPS-A. The Army is providing a level of transparency and access to Soldier records and personnel actions like never before. Through the app, self-service transactions -- including trouble tickets -- are automated, paper-free and trackable from initiation to approval. 

"By providing one comprehensive record, mobile capabilities, minimized paperwork and reducing in-person appointments, IPPS-A will maximize the potential of the Army's greatest asset -- the Soldier -- to enhance Army readiness," summarized Col. Johnson.

Moving forward, IPPS-A will rely heavily on user feedback to make improvements to the mobile app that the Total Force will use.