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Category: MIRC

Retention Event Creates 100% Qualification Rate
September 5, 2019

Battalion Earns 99% Qualification Rate Using Postal Match, EIC
August 9, 2019

Army Reserve Marksmanship at the Best Warrior Competition
July 4, 2019

Smith and George tops in the Army Reserve
July 1, 2019

Task Force Raptor Soldiers begin Exercise Always Engaged
July 30, 2018

Field kitchen heats up for steamy competition
July 24, 2018

Maintenance specialist does her part in the Army Reserve with enthusiasm
July 23, 2018

Signal specialists, systems maintainers keep intelligence flowing
July 18, 2018

Public affairs officer strives to immortalize the Army’s success
July 17, 2018

Logisticians can pave career path with free credentialing program
May 9, 2018