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Category: ARMU, Army Reserve Marksmanship

America's Army Reserve demonstrates readiness at All Army
March 19, 2019

Linda Harris Memorial Scholarship
March 8, 2019

Army Reserve Precision Pistol Training at Fort Benning
February 16, 2019

Army Reserve Shotgun Champ Targets Recruiting
December 21, 2018

SFC Horner Dominates Fort Benning Multi-Gun Challenge
December 4, 2018

Culinary Soldier roasts the competition, wins first place in rifle championship
November 2, 2018

Army Reserve Marksman Newsletter
October 31, 2018

USARCMP takes to the field in the 2018 Interservice Precision Pistol Competition
July 12, 2018

Best Warriors compete to earn rare marksmanship badge
June 11, 2018

On Target: USAR marksmen have strong showing at FORSCOM
November 11, 2016