Category: Cold Steel , Ready Force X

316th ESC fuelers fire crew-served weapons in year-end range training
January 4, 2018

Citizen-Soldier leads cream of the crop at Cold Steel II
November 27, 2017

Task Force Coyote, Operation Cold Steel II: trained, equipped, lethal
November 27, 2017

Teams support resilience training at Operation Cold Steel II
November 20, 2017

Army Reserve leader speaks on celebrating our veterans
November 14, 2017

Cold Steel sharpens skills of 79th Soldiers
November 9, 2017

Maryland Army Reserve units train locally to deploy globally
November 3, 2017

New mother is capable, combat-ready, and lethal
November 3, 2017

Operation Cold Steel II: More vehicles, weapons, firepower
October 18, 2017

Cold Steel Soldiers build skills using Fort McCoy simulation facilities
April 28, 2017

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