99th Regional Support Command Directory
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OfficeSorted By Office In Ascending OrderPhone numberEmail
Army Reserve Ambassador Program609.562.7617
Business Office 609.562.7584
Command Group609.562.7411 
Congressional Affairs609.562.7412 
Directorate of Emergency Services609.562.1672 
Information Management855.558.7272 or https://esdhelp  
Inspector General609.562.6064
Internal Review609.562.7619 
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate609.562.7435
Plans, Analysis & Integration609.562.3943 
Protocol 609.562.7410 
Public Affairs609.562.7417
Recruiting and Retention609.562.7613 
Safety and Occupational Health609.562.1638
Strong Bonds609.638.1359
Surgeon's Office609.562.7455
Directorate of Human Resources
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OfficeSorted By Office In Ascending OrderPhone NumberEmail
Admin Support Services609.562.7485
Army Substance Abuse Program609.562.7057
Casualty Operations609.562.7487
Child and Youth School Services609.562.7067 
Director Of Human Resources609.562.7503 
Education Services Office609.562.7508
Enlisted Management Branch609.562.3177
Family Programs609.562.7507 
Full Time Support Civilian609.562.7486
Full Time Support Military609.562.7505
Health Services Branch609.562.8020
Officer Management609.562.7501
Reserve Personnel Action Center609.562.7482 
Retirement Services 609.562.1696
Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program609.562.7508
Special Actions Branch609.562.7509
Suicide Prevention609.562.7508
Survivor Outreach Services609.562.7892 
Well-Being Programs and Services Branch609.562.7508  
Yellow Ribbon Program609.562.7533
Directorate of Logistics
Directorate of Plans and Training
Directorate of Resource Management
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OfficePhone NumberEmail
Directorate of Logistics609.562.7560 
DOL - Transportation and Services609.562.7579 / 7562 / 7968 
DOL - Supply Division609.562.7564 / 7911 
DOL - Property Book609.562.1573 / 1658 / 7577 
DOL - Maintenance609.562.7563 / 7471 
DOL - Automation609.562.7492 / 7558 
Directorate of Plans and Training609.562.7571 
Directorate of Public Works609.562.7637 
DPW - Facility Operations609.562.7648 
DPW - Plans609.562.7649 
DPW - Environmental609.562.7677 
DRM - Defense Travel System609.562.7919/7599
DRM - Government Travel Card609.562.7596/7921
DRM - Military Finance Inquiries 609.562.7986
DRM - Manpower Management609.562.7607 
DRM - RPA609.562.7599
DRM - Support Agreement Program732.562.7601