Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois


The USARSCFA is a two-star functional command assigned to Headquarters, U.S. Army Reserve Command (USARC) and under operational control (OPCON) of First Army (AC). The command is unique in that it is the only two-star USAR command that is consistently operational 365 days a year, enabling Mission Command for Headquarters, First Army. The command’s location at Rock Island Arsenal is also its deployment site upon mobilization.   


USARSCFA soldiers integrate with their AC counterparts and serve as staff officers or staff non-commissioned officers in the First Army Headquarters in order to enable Mission Command of First Army’s ten subordinate Training Support Brigades located at nine Mobilization Force Generation Installations (MFGI’s) in the Continental United States (CONUS). The CG, USARSCFA is also dual hatted as the DCG-S, First Army. 


The USARSCFA supports Headquarters, First Army.  What does First Army do?


While meeting statutory Federal oversight requirements, First Army is an active component, three-star headquarters that provides Mission Command for the most highly trained and professional multi-component collective training integration capability in the U.S. Army; uniquely organized with Active Component (AC) and Reserve Component (RC) certified skilled trainers at the point of need in support of Army Total Force Policy (ATFP). First Army also provides the following capabilities:


  • FORSCOM’s Coordinating Authority for Army Total Force ATFP Implementation

    -Enable Total Force Leadership

    -Enable Total Force Partnership

    -Enable AC / RC Integration

    -Synchronize AC / RC Integration and AC to RC Training Support


  • Provides AC to RC Training Support

    -FORSCOM’s Executing Agent

    -Advise, Assist and Train RC Units

    -Provide OPS GRP – Trained Observer Controller/Trainers (OC/Ts)

    -Vehicle Crew Evaluators

    -Exercise Design (Scenario Development)

    -Enable Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming Training Integration

    -Mission Command Mentorship Program

    -Assess RC Unit Training - During CTEs (WFX, XCTC, CSTX, WAREX, CTC)


  • Ensure Common Set of Standards

    -Mobilization / Demobilization Operations

    -FORSCOM’s Executing Agent

    -Mobilize, Train, Validate, Deploy, Re-deploy and Demobilize RC Units and Soldiers in support of Combatant Command Requirements

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