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About Us

Mission Statement

The 86th Training Division (TD) plans, delivers, and enables realistic and relevant training to prepare Soldiers and units for immediate and future combat operations. Unit’s that are better prepared for deployment and combat operations, is our end-product.


Vision Statement

The 86th Training Division will continually recruit and maintain seasoned & highly qualified expertise from across the full spectrum of Army disciplines to deliver innovative, complex, and austere training that prepares Commanders, their Soldiers, and their units for combat operations.



The 86th Training Division was first activated in 1917, during World War I. The division was nicknamed the “Black Hawk Division,” named after the Sauk Leader Chief Black Hawk. Born Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak, or Black Sparrow Hawk in 1767.

Constituted 5 August 1917 in the National Army as Headquarters, 86th Division. Organized 25 August 1917 at Camp Grant, Illinois. Demobilized in January 1919 at Camp Grant, IL.

Reconstituted 24 June 1921 in the Organized Reserves as Headquarters, 86th Division. Organized 10 September 1921 at Chicago, Illinois.

Re-designated 31 March 1942 as Division Headquarters, 86th Division. Ordered into active military service 15 December 1942 and reorganized and re-designated at Camp Howze, Texas, as Headquarters, 86th Infantry Division. Inactivated 30 December 1946 in the Philippine Islands.

Re-designated 11 February 2009 as Headquarters, 86th Training Brigade. Activated 16 September 2010 at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. Re-designated 18 September 2010 as Headquarters, 86th Training Division.

The 84th Training Command Commanding General Castellanos, signed and issued an order with an effective date 11 January 2021, to align the Great Lakes Training Division (GLTD) with the 86th Training Division. GLTD, select elements from the 91TD, and Pacific Training Division (PACTD) re-aligned beneath the 86TD on effective date 17 October 2021.


Division Commander’s Priorities

Readiness. Soldiers will make themselves ready first. In addition to administrative readiness requirements, we must continually master the fundamentals as Soldiers, and pursue continual education in our military profession.

Professionalism. Courtesy, dignity, and respect should be at the very core of our unit culture. The core is the baseline for how we treat each other and demand to be treated ourselves.

Reasonableness. Activities and requirements within the 86th shall be directly attributable to readiness, professionalism, or mission. Activities and requirements that do not meet these criteria will be re-evaluated for consideration or removal.

Mission. It is incumbent on us to prepare for and conduct relevant, realistic, and all-domain training scenarios that deliver a challenging experience for units participating in our training events. We will coordinate closely with the Commanders of our training audience units to ensure relevancy of training focus and provide constructive coaching & assistance to achieve training success.

Leadership. Leaders will challenge themselves and their Soldiers to become experts at our craft. Leaders at every level of this organization train & empower those around them. We seek to set the standard for emulation and become the leader or mentor that most positively impacts a Soldiers’ life.

Safety. We each and we all bear the responsibility of assessing and mitigating risk in everything we do. We are CONUS, and safety concerns will always take precedence over mission, and will be properly resolved for the mission to continue.

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