451st Expeditionary Sustainment Command (HHC)
451st DET MSE (451 ESC)Wichita KS
101st DET (TM B)LeavenworthKS
29th DET (TM A)LeavenworthKS
561st Regional Support Group
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Sub UnitUnitCityState
 394th HHC BN (CSS)FremontNE
394th CSSB1013th CO (FLD SVC)(MOD)North PlatteNE
394th CSSB295th CO AMMO (MODHastingsNE
394th CSSB728th CO (PETRL P/L&TML OP)FremontNE
394th CSSB388th TM PETRL (QA)FremontNE
394th CSSB922nd DET (TRLR TRF PT)FremontNE
394th CSSB456th DET (MVT CTL)(AREA)ElkhornNE
394th CSSB784th DET (TRLR TRF PT)ElkhornNE
394th CSSB452nd CO AMMO (MOD)AberdeenSD
 450th HHD BN (MVT CTL)(EAC)ManhattanKS
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89th Sustainment Brigade
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Sub UnitUnitCityState
 863rd DET (PETRL LN)Great BendKS
 824th DET (PETRL LN)LawrenceKS
 329th HHC BN (CSS)ParsonsKS
329th CSSB387th CO PERS (HR)WichitaKS
329th CSSB1011th CO SUPIndependenceKS
329th CSSB368th CO (FIN MGT SPT UNIT)WichitaKS
 484th HHD BN (MVT CTL)(EAC)SpringfieldMO
484th TC Battalion473rd DET (MVT CTL)(AREA)Kansas CityMO
484th TC Battalion428th CO (MDM TRK)(CARGO)(EAC)Jefferson CityMO
484th TC Battalion557th DET (MVT CTL)(AREA)SpringfieldMO
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