364th Expeditionary Sustainment Command (HHC)
364th CMD HHC EXP SUSTMarysvilleWA
364th AUG CMD HHC EXP SUSTMarysvilleWA
652nd Regional Support Group
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Sub UnitUnitCityState
 814th HHD BN (MOTOR)BoiseID
814th TC Battalion949th DET (MVT CTL)(AREA)BoiseID
814th TC Battalion823rd DET (MVT CTL)(AREA)MissoulaMT
814th TC Battalion536th DET (TRLR TRF PT)MissoulaMT
814th TC Battalion890th CO (CGO TRF)(ICHO)LoganUT
814th TC Battalion376th CO (MDM TRK)(CARGO)(EAC)KalispellMT
814th TC BattalionCO (MDM TRK) (CARGO) (EAC)MarysvilleWA
 411th HHD BN AMMO (DS/GS)BillingsMT
411th OD Battalion592nd CO AMMO (MOD)BillingsMT
411th OD Battalion1016th CO (PETRL P/L&TML OPPocatelloID
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654th Regional Support Group
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Sub UnitUnitCityState
 123rd DET (TM C)TacomaWA
 382nd HHC BN (CSS)JB lewis-McChordWA
382nd CSSB737th CO MDM TRK (POL, 7.5K GAL)(EACYakimaWA
382nd CSSB291st DET (TRLR TRF PT)JB Lewis-McChordWA
382nd CSSB804th DET (MVT CTL)(AREA)TacomaWA
382nd CSSB909th CO PERS (HR)BothellWA
382nd CSSB970th DET (MVT CTL)(AREA)EugeneOR
382nd CSSB971st DET (MVT CTL)(AREA)EugeneOR
382nd CSSB483rd CO SUPMarysvilleWA
382nd CSSB477th CO (CGO TRF)(ICHO)MarysvilleWA
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96th Sustainment Brigade
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Sub UnitUnitCityState
 96th AUG HHC SUS BDESalt Lake City UT
96th STB478th CO PERS (HR)Salt Lake City UT
96th STB50th DET (TM B)Salt Lake CityUT
96th STB395th CO (FIN MGT SPT UNIT)Salt Lake CityUT
96th STB117th DET (TM B)Salt Lake CityUT
96th STB850th CO (NETWORK SPT)Salt Lake CityUT
 191st HHC BN (CSS)Salt Lake CityUT
191st CSSB786th CO (PETRL SPT)ProvoUT
191st CSSB419th CO MDM TRK (POL, 5K GAL)(EAC)Salt Lake CityUT
191st CSSB651st TM PETRL (QA)Salt Lake CityUT
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