311th Expeditionary Sustainment Command (HHC)
2651 Newport Blvd. | Costa Mesa | California | 92627
MISSION STATEMENT: Theater Signal Command, Support Unit-Pacific consists of 127 Soldiers, 2 of which are dual-status Department of the Army Military Technician Civilians stationed in Costa Mesa, CA under the 311th Expeditionary Sustainment Command with an OPCON relationship to the 311th Signal Command (Theater).  On order, the 311th Signal Command Support Unit- Pacific provides expeditionary support packages and staff augmentation to expand the Command’s ability to engineer, install, operate and defend the network throughout the Pacific Theater.  Manage all readiness aspects to ensure a force capable of deployment for exercise mission support and contingency operations.

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311th CMD HHC EXP SUSTLos AngelesCA
326th FMSC (Financial Management Support Center)Los AngelesCA
728th CO (MDM TRK)(PLS)ConcordCA
304th Sustainment Brigade
14945 4th St. | March Air Reserve Base | Riverside | CA 92518
MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the 304th Sustainment Brigade (SBDE) is to provide command and control of all assigned, attached, and OPCON units; perform theater opening, distribution,  and sustainment functions, plan coordinate, synchronize, monitor and  control logistics within an assigned area of responsibility.

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Sub UnitUnitCityState
 304th AUG HHC SUS BDERiverside CA
304th Sustainment Brigade155th TM PETRL (QA)Riverside CA
304th Sustainment Brigade606th DET (PETRL LN)Riverside CA
304th STB806th DET (MIL MAIL TML)Riverside CA
304th STB380th DET (THEATER OP ELM)Riverside CA
304th STB397th CO (NETWORK SPT)Riverside CA
304th STB387th CO (NETWORK SPT)Los AngelesCA
 155th HHC BN (CSS)South El MonteCA
155th CSSB63rd CO SUPBellCA
155th CSSB555th DET (MVT CTL)(AREA)South El MonteCA
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650th Regional Support Group
5750 Skypoint Dr. | Las Vegas | Nevada | 89130

MISSION STATEMENT: 650th RSG deploys to provide contingency and expeditionary base operations support, with responsibility for managing facilities, providing administrative and logistical support of Soldiers, and ensuring the security of personnel and facilities on a base camp.  

The RSG provides Command and Control of assigned units during Homeland Security (HLS), Homeland Defense (HLD), and Civil Support missions within the United States, to include managing the reception, staging, onward movement, and integration (RSOI) of supporting forces.  

When not deployed, the RSG provides command and support of assigned units.

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Sub UnitsUnitCityState
 469th HHC BN (CSS)Moutain ViewCA
469th CSSB729th CO (MDM TRK)(CARGO)(EAC)FresnoCA
469th CSSB924th DET (TRLR TRF PT)FresnoCA
469th CSSB923rd DET (TRLR TRF PT)BakersfieldCA
469th CSSB227th CO (CGO TRF)(ICHO)SacramentoCA
469th CSSB728th CO (MDM TRK)(PLS)VallejoCA
 483rd HHD BN (TML)VallejoCA
483rd TC Battalion481st CO BOAT (HVY)Port HuenemeCA
483rd TC Battalion711th CO (SEAPORT OP)ConcordCA
483rd TC Battalion201st DET (HARBORMASTER)VallejoCA
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653rd Regional Support Group
7334 East Ulysses Ave. | Mesa | Arizona | 85212
MISSION STATEMENT: To provide Command and Control of assigned personnel and manages training, administrative and logistical support to the Group. Ensures training is conducted to standard to attain, improve and maintain the highest levels of readiness. On order, mobilize the unit to support the administrative and logistical requirements of combatant commands.

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Sub UnitUnitCityState
 653rd HHC GP RGN SPTMesa AZ
 419th HHC BN (CSS)TustinCA
419th CSSB163rd CO AMMO (MOD)TustinCA
419th CSSB340th DET (MVT CTL)(AREA)Camp PendletonCA
419th CSSB478th CO (MDM TRK)(PLS)Camp pendletonCA
419th CSSB968th CO (WTR PURIF & DISTR)TustinCA
419th CSSB1017th CO (PETRL SPT)Camp pendletonCA
 336th HHC BN (CSS)BuckeyeAZ
336th CSSB348th CO MDM TRK (POL, 5K GAL)(EAC)BuckeyeAZ
336th CSSB289th DET (TRLR TRF PT)BuckeyeAZ
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326th Financial Management Company

5354 Bandini Blvd. | Bell | California | 90201
MISSION STATEMENT: To assert technical coordination over all Financial Management (FM) companies and Financial Management detachments in theater; provides technical oversight for all theater finance operations including: negotiations with host nation banking facilities, advising unit commanders on the use of local currency and coordination with national providers (U.S. Treasury, Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Finance Command Management and Comptroller (ASA (FM&C)) and United States Army Finance Command (USAFINCOM) to establish Financial Management support requirements; sustain Army joint and combined operations by providing timely contractual and procurement payments and theater disbursing capability. 

On order, deploy as the Financial Management Center for the Theater Support Command providing enhanced support and sustainment through financial management operations across the operating spectrum in a joint environment. 
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