About Us "Victory Through Support"
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The Core mission of the 310th ESC is to provide an Operational Command Post of the Theater Sustainment Command. 

Plan, Coordinate, Synchronize, Monitor, and Control Operational-Level Sustainment Operations other than Medical for the ASCC, JTF, or JFC.   

The additional doctrinal missions are to Plan, Coordinate, and Provide Sustainment to Forces; Plan, Prepare, and Execute Theater Opening and Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Enable Integration of Forces; Provide Movement Control; Establish and Operate Sustainment Facilities and Bases.

The 310th is the result of a long and proud history of dedicated Soldiers, command excellence and military professionalism.  We are a multi-functional command with Soldiers of the Active Component, full-time civilians staff and Reserve Citizen Soldiers. We have over 100 subordinate units and over 8,000 Soldiers throughout an eight state region. 

We are commanded by a Brigadier General (1 Star) with six separate subordinate Colonel level commands.

We were constituted on 29 August 1950 in the Organized Reserve Corp at Fort Myer, VA.  
    • 1982 emerged as the 310th Theater Army Area Command and provided a Theater Level Command and Control Headquarters for echelons above Corps units in the functional areas of supply, maintenance and services. we worked closely with Headquarters, U.S. Army, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.
    • November 1989, continued to train with forward deployed Active Component forces in these countries until the “fall of the Berlin Wall” , which began the draw-down and realignment of our force structure to 2006. 
    • On 16 September 2007, we were re-designated as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 310th Sustainment Command Expeditionary and was activated in Indianapolis, IN.  Under this organization we deployed in support of Operation New Dawn, overseeing the pull out of US forces from bases in Iraq. 

    We provide trained and ready Soldiers and units in support of the U.S. Army and provide command and control to four Regional Support Groups (RSG).  

    These units consist of:
    • The 38th RSG in Cross Lanes, WV, the 55th Sustainment Brigade in Ft Belvoir, VA
    • The 643rd RSG in Columbus, OH 
    • The 398th Financial Management Center in Ft Belvoir, VA
    • The 22nd Military History Detachment in Indianapolis, IN. 
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