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"Born of Freedom"
Distinctive Unit Insignia


A gold color metal and enamel device 1 3/16 inches (3.02 cm) in height overall consisting of a vertical sword point up with purple grip and white blade, guard and pommel extending over a gold globe with gold grid lines, all in front of the top of a gold torch with purple flame terminating in five points projecting above the sword and above and in front of a white scroll opened horizontally and rolled on each side with gold roller handles, all between a green oak leaf extending from each side of the scroll to a purple curved scroll around the base of the globe on each side of the sword hilt inscribed "BORN OF" on the left, and "FREEDOM" on the right.


Purple and white are the colors used for Civil Affairs. The torch alludes to the Statue of Liberty and refers to the organization's motto. The scroll denotes the application of law and justice in the conduct of civil affairs activities and the formulation of coordinated plans. The sword indicates the ability to provide military support in re-establishing civil government and the oak leaves are for courage and strength of purpose. The globe represents the worldwide capabilities of the unit. The scroll, globe and torch (3), the flame tips (5) and the vertical position of the sword (1), connote the numerical designation of the organization.


The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved for the 351st Civil Affairs Area (A) on 18 October 1971. It was redesignated for the 351st Civil Affairs Command on 14 October 1975.

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