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316th ESC fuelers fire crew-served weapons in year-end range training January 4, 2018 — During the U.S. Army Reserve’s and Task Force Coyote’s Operation Cold Steel II held at Fort Hunter Liggett, California from mid-October through mid-December 2017, more than 150 Soldiers from the Pennsylvania-based 316th Expeditionary Sustainment Command qualified on the M240B, a general-purpose machine gun. MORE

Citizen-Soldier leads cream of the crop at Cold Steel II November 27, 2017 — A cool breeze sweeps through the air of a bright, sunny day. Soldiers line up against long horizontal white tables. Their training at Operation Cold Steel II has come to an end. The Soldiers put their protective masks, advanced combat helmets and tactical vests on to the table to turn into supply. Overseeing these Soldiers is U.S. Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Richard Midkiff. MORE

Task Force Coyote, Operation Cold Steel II: trained, equipped, lethal November 27, 2017 — Task Force Coyote, Operation Cold Steel II began Oct. 12, 2017 at Fort Hunter Liggett, California. MORE

Teams support resilience training at Operation Cold Steel II November 20, 2017 — Resiliency is a skill Soldiers are encouraged to develop, but they’re not expected to go it alone. During Operation Cold Steel II at Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif., leaders from U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command requested two teams of Master Resilience Trainer and Performance Experts from the Ready and Resilient Performance Training Center to assist in helping their Soldiers develop resiliency skills and hopefully contribute to higher qualification scores MORE

Cold Steel sharpens skills of 79th Soldiers November 9, 2017 — The U.S. Army Reserve serves as part of the Total Force. To build that force in the Army Reserve, there is extensive training that goes into keeping Soldiers capable, combat-ready, and lethal. For the largest Federal Reserve force in the nation's history, exercises like Operation Cold Steel II are vital in preparation to rapidly respond in any part of the world. MORE

New mother is capable, combat-ready, and lethal November 3, 2017 — For U.S. Army Reserve Spc. Cassie Kiester-Maldonado, a cargo specialist with the 743rd Transportation Company, Operation Cold Steel II is teaching her crew-served weapons operations, but she is also learning what it means to be away from her seven-month old son for the first time. MORE

Operation Cold Steel II: More vehicles, weapons, firepower October 18, 2017 — Operation Cold Steel II kicked off Oct. 12, 2017 at Fort Hunter Liggett, California. MORE

Cold Steel Soldiers build skills using Fort McCoy simulation facilities April 28, 2017 — Before Soldiers could complete live-fire training at Operation Cold Steel, they had to practice their skills at many of Fort McCoy's simulation facilities. MORE

Operation Cold Steel Soldiers prepare for live-fire ops with VBS3 training April 28, 2017 — Team members with Fort McCoy’s Virtual Battle Space 3 (VBS3) simulation facility played a direct role in training during the Operation Cold Steel exercise in March and April through use of the Mounted Machine Gun Trainer Plug-in Vehicle Crew Evaluator software program. MORE

Soldiers tackle weapon basics, look toward certification April 25, 2017 — Twelve US Army Reserve Soldiers went back to the fundamentals during a weapons range at Camp Swift, April 22, with hopes of achieving certification and setting personal records at an upcoming live-fire exercise – Operation Cold Steel – April 24-28, 2017 at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. MORE

Maintenance keeps Operation Cold Steel moving, communicating April 25, 2017 — In most gunnery operations, vehicles are not a primary requirement, but for Operation Cold Steel, a mounted gunnery operation, vehicles are an essential component. MORE

Soldiers qualify with crew-served weapons at Operation Cold Steel April 10, 2017 — For the months of March and April 2017, Fort McCoy was alive with the movement of an estimated 1,800 Army Reserve Soldiers from approximately 60 Army Reserve units across the country as they converged on the small post in a rural part of the state to participate in an extensive field-training exercise. MORE

Ammo handlers keep rounds firing at Cold Steel April 7, 2017 — Operation Cold Steel will train and certify approximately 1,800 Soldiers by the end of April 2017 on crew-served weapons platform qualification at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. The exercise is providing everything the Soldiers need to qualify, from cold weather gear, to vehicles and weapons. MORE

Fort McCoy Range Maintenance Section keeps training areas ready for exercise operations March 30, 2017 — As the Operation Cold Steel exercise takes place at Fort McCoy, hundreds of Soldiers are firing tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition at targets as part of live-fire maneuvers at installation ranges. Those ranges, and the targets utilized by Cold Steel participants, remain operational thanks to the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security Range Maintenance Section. MORE

373rd Sharpens at Cold Steel March 30, 2017 — In keeping with their motto “Strength for Battle,” U.S. Army Reserve soldiers from the 373rd Combat Support Sustainment Command out of Beaumont, Texas, traveled to Fort McCoy to sharpen their combat skills during Operation Cold Steel. MORE

First-ever Operation Cold Steel heats up Army Reserve readiness March 29, 2017 — Deep in the late-winter woods, metallic clacking and repetitive booms rolled like thunder – first far, then near – in the cool, crisp air. MORE

Operation Cold Steel boasts 81% qualification rate March 28, 2017 — Three weeks into Operation Cold Steel, the exercise is now qualifying mounted gunnery crews daily. MORE

The 373rd CSSB is ready to fight! March 28, 2017 — U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers from the 373rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion in Beaumont, Texas, participated in Operation Cold Steel, a brand new live-fire qualification exercise for U.S. Army Reserve units Mar. 17 to 23, 2017. MORE

A case of mistaken identity: Identical twins run crews at Op Cold Steel 2017 March 20, 2017 — The smallest details make it evident that Staff Sgt. Jeshua and Sgt. Gereld Moore are two different people. Gereld wears wire frames in his glasses while Jeshua’s are a slightly thicker, black plastic. The rank difference is sometimes a giveaway as well, but not always. MORE

America’s Army Reserve training turns cold steel into hot lead March 16, 2017 — It may have been a brisk 12 degrees that Friday morning on the weapons range, but the training at Operation Cold Steel was just heating up. MORE

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