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NEWS | March 23, 2021

Updated PMI&E Training Resources

By Sgt. 1st Class John Buol ARMU

The Army Reserve Marksmanship Program has released updated training resources for the benefit of All Army Reserve units and Soldiers. As directed by the Training Circulars that began release in FY2016, these Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction & Evaluation guides provide updated guides to help Soldiers learn these standards and provide qualification-enhancing training improvements.


The six table training strategy and new training model redacts all resources created prior to FY2016. To better make use of this small arms strategy described in current Training Circulars, the Army Reserve Marksmanship Program created these samples to help units maximize the number of Soldiers earning a first time go at qualification. While good instructors need to create their own training materials, these PMI&E guides can serve as examples as to how to shape effective training for your unit.


All Army Reserve Soldiers and units can benefit from these PMI&E slide decks and sample quizzes. Download from the Army Reserve Marksmanship Program at